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    I have this problem when I am confronted by someone or I need to speak up about something and I get very tense. I feel my heart begin to pound and it races a million miles a minute. Then it feels as if i can feel the blood race all the way down my body. And i feel soo tired all the sudden. It is the weirdest and scariest thing all at once.

    I NEVER used to have a problem with standing up for myself or for things that I truly believed in. Now I tend to just get let it go or i will spend days dwelling on the issue as if I am trying to work up the courage to say it. It is as if i use every bit of my energy when this happens and I am just blah from it. I am tired of feeling this way and I want to feel normal about things again. I hate feeling this way.

    Thanks for your input, I have no idea what would cause this but it has been getting worse and worse.
    Take care.
  2. karen55

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    it could be a type of panic or anxiety attack. Do you ever get lightheaded or dizzy when this happens?
  3. Shirl

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    I agree with Karen, it sure sounds like a panic attack. Does this happen with everyone, or just certain people?

    I will get that feeling if I 'supress' what I want to say! So usually I simply speak my mind on those occasions, and I have also eliminated those type of people from my life(as much as any of us can) that are always looking for an argument, they are not worth my peace of mind or my health.

    That 'racing' brain thing you spoke of, I have that at nightime. I take a low dose Xanax (0.25 milligrams) at 6pm, then my supplements later for sleep.

    If I don't take this, I spend the 'night' with my mind just racing from one thing to the other,(I can think of all I should have said like you mentioned too) with no sleep in sight!

    I will also take half that dose if I feel that crazy feeling you described coming on. It usually calms me down so that I can function without those symptoms.

    Its a miserable feeling, and if I don't 'get it out' I will go into a flare from it.

    I have always been an up front person, will stand up for my rights no matter what, but somehow this illness causes the adrenaline to start rushing and we are always on the verge of a 'flight or fight' gear when confronted with a hyped up situation. Most Fibro people seem to have this problem to one degree or other.

    I have told my husband many times, if necessary if I can't stand up for my rights, I will 'lay down' and still 'stand up' for my say!

    You are not alone, I think its ssMarilyn that has used breathing exercises for this kind of feeling. HOpefully she is on line and will share this with you today.

    Take care...............

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. idiotsinc

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    It's probably related to your FMS. From what I've researched FMS maybe an anxiety based illness possibly along with ADHD. It's a "chemical" anxiety caused by a problem with the neurotransmitters in the brain and the way the brain filters thoughts. Anxiety has long been recognized as a comorbid condition of ADHD, along with obsessive compulsive disorder. Brain scans show common problems in the frontal lobes of the brain with these illnesses. The thought with ADHD and FMS is that they may possibly be caused because the anxiety inhibits our ability to reach deep levels of sleep. I know what you're going through. I've been better able to cope with my nervousness (including speaking in public) after researching anxiety and ADHD along with FMS and understanding what's causing my problems. I'm also scaring my family by the fact I don't drink every night, they wonder who this guy is. But now that I understand why I was drinking (anxiety) I'm better able to cope. Except when I start to ramble (ADHD) like I am here.

  5. LauraLea

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    Sounds like panic attacks. There are drugs you can take in very low doses to help with the panic. Also it could be that your brain doesn't function as quick as it use to. I get very nervous to speak in front of people because I'm afraid I will forget how to say a word or get lost in thought.

    Talk with your doctor they can try meds that might help.

    Good luck and don't feel like you are all alone with this.