What is vocational rehab and how would it help me?

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    My dr suggested this and I read a little about it but don't know what it is,how it works or anything. Does anyone know about this. Am I understanding it right that they help you find jobs according to what you can do and is this going to help me or hurt me.

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    Keke, I am working with the state to be retrained so I can hopefully join the workforce once again. I live in state of NY - and we have a program through Vesid, that helps people with disabilities and limitations on what they can do. I have anxiety disorders and have had severe depression. Also but not quite dx'd- I could have FM & Cfs or PPS(post polio syndrome) I am suppose to start retraining in the fall working with wonderful people and I just applied for SSD last month- not sure what I can quite do- but i want to give it my best.

    Not sure what you have in OK. but check into this- let me warn you everything takes a long time and can really take the energy out of you. I also am dealing with a very sick DH- so you maight say I am also a caretaker- but the people at Vesid have been outstanding and work with you- if you have problems with college or need special devices, time for testing, etc. they will help. They will even help with help finding work that you can do and your capacity.

    Maybe look at something like this- I will be starting at a Community College.

    Good Luck
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    and I certainly hope it can. There are different kinds of vocational rehabilitation agencies; some are publicly funded and some are private, for profit agencies. The federal rehabilitation services in your area can be found by doing a search for USA Rehabilitation Services Administration and this will give you links to the local offices in your state.
    It's true these explorations will take time as your disablitlies and your situation will have to be assessed and matched with the services and resources which are appropriate, practical and available for you. But the time this takes is necessary. And if you regard this exploration as an exciting opportunity, it will help 'spark' your imagination in exploring various types of work you may never have considered before. Vocational rehabilitation professionals have access to many resources and placement opportunities that the general public is unaware of existing.
    If you maintain a generally hopeful and positive attitude, I believe you will find the experience enjoyable. (I'm a retired rehabilitation counselor, as well as being chronically disabled with CFIDS and FM and I found my work in a private rehabilitation agency one of the most inspiring and gratifying periods of my life.)
    Best of luck to you in finding the resources and opportunities right for you!
    With love, Dorothy
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    After breaking my back in a farm accident in Vermont I was helped by the Farm Voc. Rehab people, who trained me for medical transcription. (I could not afford groceries, say nothing about a new career education!) I was able to get employment at a hospital and then at a large work-at-home company. My experience was great with these people. I could not drive to work, needed long naps/breaks during day, still do.

    I am still working for same company 6+ years later. My production has failed in the last year and I was able to take intermittent Family Medical Leave until I could get into a pain clinic, and had MRI's that showed increasing spine problems. Also have arthritis and the worst muscle spasms possible with the fibromyalgia always rearing its ugly head when I am stressed.

    This has allowed me to work, feel productive, I love medical stuff, never bored, BUT, I now can no longer sit to type and am with South Carolina Voc Rehab and am trying to get used to a new workstation, in a zero gravity chair from relax the back store. This puts me typing in a reclined position, and takes stress off my spine. I am not making prodcution yet, but am stil work hardening for the next few weeks, and hopefully will not lose my job. IF I do, I am already in the net of SC Rehab and will look for something else I can do.

    If not, then of course there are the safety nets of SSDI, etc. But they take a long time. This has been my plan, may not work for everyone. I REALLY want to stay at transcription. BUT I may not be able to. The rehab people have all kinds of resources, so I would advise anyone to explore them. IF you really want to work.

    PS I have Unum LTD, and asked them for help, according to my plan, for income protection and job retention or retraining, and so far zero, zilch, just a big bunch of paperwork for me to fill out. AND I have paid their premiums for this garbage!! Will advise if this changes and they come throug for m.
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    It is a state agency to help disabled people to find work. I have gone through them myself. They first have to have your health records to see if you qualify. Then they work with you to find what you can do, and want to do. They send people to school. I had to turn that down because I needed another job badly.

    They have agencies that have a contract with them to help people to find work. I had a choice of two. To find out, I made the wrong choice. They did nothing to help me. I called Voc Rehab and we all had a meeting, and then when the problem continued I was sent to the other agency. They got me a job. So if an agency is not working you can change. You are not stuck with them.

    If through the State, there is no cost to you.

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    SSA sent me for a Voc-Rebah barrage of tests.
    There decison was that I was too sick to work.

    There are some pitfalls to Voc-Rehab, like if they accept you and SSA decides you can do 'something'below that you did before.

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    Vocational Rehabilitation is one of those terms w/ multiple meanings. In CA it has 3 meanings:

    l) someone who can no longer do a job has the necessary skills/education to be reassigned to another job.

    2) someone can be trained on the job to learn a new job.

    3) someone can be provided w/ education/training for a new job.

    I worked in the worker's compensation field. The insurance company paid for the necessary training/education.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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