What is with the HEAT here in UTAH?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 16, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am in Northern Utah and our weather changes at the drop of the hat. So I am really surprised that this heat wave has lasted so long. I know that 4 days is not that long , but my house is one that has direct sun light on it 90% of the day so my upstairs where the TV is and my kitchen are is at 89 from about 10 am to midnight.

    Usually that does not get to me. But for some strange reason this time it is driving me nuts. AS I am so hot.
    I have the light fan on and a small fan blowing on me adn still I am just dripping down my face. I hate it.

    I don't like the cold either as it makes that pain worse. But the heat is making me feel more fatiqued than usual. I don't know why that is?

    It is getting on my nerves too and now I have a headache and don't know what to do? I have some stong pain meds that I take but they don't seem to work for something as simple as a headache. So I guess that I will have to take some advil and see if that helps me.

    It is becomming a long day and I am so hot that I am going to go down stairs a fold towels as my washer & dryer are down stairs and it is much cooler there. I hope that it will cool me off. Any suggestions are welcome.

    I have one question for you. It is a what would you do kind of thing. MY daighter adn her boyfriend sent me some lovely rose's on saturday from FTD and they were a bit wilted but it was only 1 rose so I really didn't think much about it. But when i came up stairs this morning all of my nice pink rose;s are wilted and rolling under and even the greenery is falling off.

    I wondered how could the rose;'s be wilted when they have not even opened all of the way. So I call the FTD florist to ask what I could do to make the rose's look better and they asked me some questions about who sent them and who I was and then told me that they were shipping me some new flowers .

    AS they have a garentee that all their flowers stay fresh looking for 7 days. And mind don't look good at all. I was surprised that they would send me a new bunch of rose's for free. I called my daughter that had sent them and told her that I called the FTD to find out what to do about the wilted fowers.

    She said I hope that they don't charge me with the new ones and since I was not sure I called once more and was told that they don't charge for flowers that don't look their best for 7 days. The young man I spoke with sounded like he was shocked I would ask about being charged for replacement of my rose's and he told me that they don't charge for the replacement of my flowers.

    He said that they have this garontee on all flowers so that if you happen to get a bad batch of flowers you can call and get new ones. But I Kinda feel guilty about it. I don't want my daughter to think that I didn't like her rose's because I do but they are falling apart. And I don't want to come across that I am being so picky , no that is not the word,that just because these rose's have wilted a few days eary that I should have just left them alone and not worried about it.

    I don't want my daughter to be upset because I called to ask them about how to perk up the rose;s not to replace them. And it was them who offered to replace the rose's. I just don't want to sound like I am an old fussy person and picky too.

    What would you have done about this? Would you have called and asked about what to do to perk the rose's up ? I just called for that reason not so that I could get new rose's. I really like the one's I have except taht they are wilting so fast and I have had them down stairs where it is cooler so that they would not wilt faster.

    Am I wrong in calling about the flowers? Or should I have just left it alone? I Know that this sounds like a dumb question but my family thinks that sometimes I do things to just get something for free. And in this case it was not why I called them.

    It was just to find out how to refresh the flowers. And they were the one's that said they would replace them because of the garentee. I feel guilty for getting free flowers I guess is what I am saying. It is dumb but I just don't want others to think that I didn't like what I got.

    I don't know just how to word this question.So I guess would you call and ask about the flowers you recieved for MOthers day and ask what to do to help them look better.? And would you feel guilty about themm The florist company sending you new rose's to relpace the ones that wilted.?

    I am just being silly as I have repeated my question twice now. I just don't want to be seen as I am being picky about what I got. HOw silly can I be.
  2. mevy

    mevy New Member

    What is with the early HEAT here last few days. I live in central Utah and I cannot believe how hot it is!!! I can't hardly walk outside. Like you I hate the winter as my pain is much worse-but I don't like really hot either--I guess we can't control the weather. Take care and try to stay cool.
  3. kbak

    kbak Member

    I'm in NE Wyoming and glad to finally have some heat. It snowed last week! It's May for heavens sake. We're predicted to have a hot dry summer. I'm sure I'll be complaining mightily a month from now when it's in the 90's, but for now I'm glad to finally be warm.

  4. fitzh2o

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    I live in about 50 miles s.w. of SLC between Tooele and Dugway. It is usually colder here but has been hotter here lately too. Of course I also blame my 50 lb weight gain on my hotness too. YUCK!@!!! I hate it!

    Anyway, it's nice to know there are others so close!

  5. thirkmom

    thirkmom New Member

    I live in Ogden and my living room faces east. From about 4:00 on my house turns into an oven. To stay cool I keep a glass of ice water around me all the time, eat popsicle, use a cold washrag and turn up the fan. It was 92 degrees in my house most of the day.

    The funny things is that when you're cold you can put clothes on and layer until you're comfortable. When you're hot there is only so much you can take off without embarrassing everyone.

    As far as the flowers go, you have every right to call and ask how to perk them up and if they offered to replace them don't even feel guilty. The money they make off of flowers around holidays is outrageous. They almost double in price for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Take them and just enjoy them. LuAnn.

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