What is with these new leg cramps?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pw7575, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    Hello all...not sure if I am having a new symptom or what. I have had CFS for 5 years now and over the years have had some aches and pains come and go but now I am having persistant muscle cramps and twitching in my calves. It has been happening now for about 3-4 weeks.

    It isn't horrible pain but it feels like my calves are tightening up and it is somewhat painful but mostly uncomfortable. It isn't at night or really when I am doing something. It just happens alot when I am on the couch laying down during the day or in the evening. Once it starts it usually stays for the rest of the day. It is off and on but was happening mostly every day for several weeks. For almost a week I thought they were going away but are now back again.

    Does anyone know if this is just my CFS? Is this just a new symptom? Am I getting Fibro too? Not sure if this is a fibro thing or not. Did anyone else out there with CFS develop muscle cramps after years?

  2. lv2sing

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    I have nerve damage in rt leg from knee on down from ruptured disc several yrs back. It got better after awhile, still slightly numb, but not as bad. Now out of the blue, this yr, I started in w/ the spasms in rt AND left leg at the knee on down, with awful tightening feeling as well. Sitting on floor can trigger it, sitting in the car, on a chair, it doesn't take much. I can go awhile w/out anything, then some days , it seems like every hour. I haven't been diagnosed w/ CFS, but I'm seeing a new rheumy on Monday. Wish me luck-I'm asking about being tested for it-if there is one! I don't even know...
    Sometimes, I'll wake up during the night w/ a bad spasm, & I have to immediately jump out of bed. Once I get them, they are so severe, I cannot walk at all, my husband has to help me-God forbid if he's not around at the time! I got a really severe one once getting out of the car, it hit the minute I stood up, but if I sat back down, it was worse. I was laying on the car horn, & finally he came running. He tried to get me to walk, but I just hit the ground. It was like I had no control. All I could do was cry the pain was so bad.Have you ever had them like that?
    Let me know if you find anything out, & if I find something out on Monday, I'll let you know. Hang in there, that's about all we can do!
  3. pw7575

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    Sounds like you have had a lot of experience with these leg cramps. I haven't had any as severe as yours but then again mine just started recently. I am hoping they don't get worse. I really have NO CLUE where these are coming from all of a sudden. Hopefully I can figure out what is going on or at least a way to stop them. If I find anything out I will let you know.

    I have read a lot of people on here say that magnesium is great for getting rid of muscle aches and cramps. I started to take it a week ago but was worried about my low blood pressure and was feeling weird so I stopped taking it (I heard it can lower blood pressure and mine is already low). Still felt weird sometimes after I stopped taking it so maybe it wasn't the magnesium. I may try it again. You may want to try it as well. If you type it into the search above you will see a lot of discussion about magnesium.

    Also there is no test for CFS. It is basically a process of elimination. Basically if you test negative for every other illness in the world and match the symptoms of CFS they will diagnose you with CFS. A lot of times it can take quite a while to get a diagnosis. I saw over 20 doctors and went through every test in the world before I got diagnosed.

    GOOD LUCK at your new rheumy on Monday! I hope it goes well for you. Let me know if you find out any helpful info on the cramps.

  4. charlenef

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    i have cmp and i get this every night for about 2 years i have to get up in the middle of the night to walk them off mine is not like a charlie horse they are tight burning feeling. i tried when it first started not to get upit was 10x worse the next day so i always get up and walk for 10 min. sometimes more than 1x. charlene
  5. TKE

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    ....can be caused by allergy & asthma meds, low hormones (menopause can bring them on), or several other things.

    Increasing calcium & magnesium, potassium, etc can help.

    My Huz had surgery for prostate cancer, including surgical castration. This threw him into male menopause big time. He got major knock him to the floor leg cramps. He's super med sensative so the Doc told him to drink some tonic water every day. Tonic water contains quinine, which tates bitter. It did help. Downside is it can cause side effects too.

    Hope you find somethig to relieve them.
  6. cct

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    I am getting them now too.

    I had muscle cramping big time for a few years then it went away. Now it is back, with a vengence, in my calves.

    I am taking minerals but that does not seem to be helping.

    Perhaps hormones will help. It is worth a try.
  7. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

  8. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    Thanks everyone. I am not on any meds so it definitely isn't that.

    I take different vitamins but nothing new has been added.

    I will try eating some bananas and maybe adding in some minerals to my supplements.

    I suppose it could be hormone related. I have been getting bad mood swings for the last 2 months.

    I went to the doctor on Monday and he is doing a bunch of blood work including hormone testing. I have to wait 10 days to get the results back though.

    Hopefully in the mean time they will stop or I can help them with some minerals or something.

    Thanks Everyone!

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