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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrshllms, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. mrshllms

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    hello everyone, I am new here to this site, and have found so many interesting things so far, I have to say, what has made a difference in my life, is the non toxic cleaning of steam in my home. I also use the conair bath spa to help ease my aches, I will tell you that for two nights now I have not had any leg pain in bed. What a relief. I wish every one the best of luck with this disorder, and hope to learn more about it myself. I have had this disorder along with chronic fatigue syndrome and a few others for around 15 years now, and everyday is a struggle, but I just keep at it.
  2. shaz73

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    to the messageboard. I have CFS and I find it very helpful and informative to come on here.

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