What is wrong with me? I have pain in my ribs, hips, thighs, ect

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    I have been having severe pain in my ribs just touching them , wearing a bra, causes me pain, my sternum hurts all the time. I have been having the pain in my ribs like chostochordritis, but I did n't think it would never go away. last week I found a lump in my forearm , I was putting on lotion and rubbing it in when I hit this lump and almost screamed from the horriable pain, I can feel this lump and it is the size of a pea and so pain full, I can't take it much more.

    I have also pain all over my body, from ribs to knee's, hips, thighs, all over there is pain, I don't know what to do. I am so tired of this never ending pain and don't know what is causeing it. Is this fibro? CMP, osteoarthritis? What is going on in my body? THe pain in my left wrist gets worse each day, I shattered it just over 6 years ago and now it has a titainum plate and 6 screws in it to hold it together, I feel the cold in this plate of metal, How is that? It is inside my wrist covered with muscle and yet it feels so cold all the time.

    Why am I having pain in my ribs , chostochrontditis does not last this long, lumps in my muscles that are hard as rocks and cause me so much pain when I even brush against them. I don't know what to do or is this just a part of the fibro, and cmp. PLease help me to find an answer. I just can't take this never ending pain much more. I have enough stress that I have to deal with due to my disability. I need to have a clear head and a body that works well.
    Let me know if you know any reason why I am in this pain.
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    Sorry you are feeling so terrible.

    You may have a bartonella infection.....known for rib pain and subcutaneous nodules, among other symptoms. It can be spread by cats and ticks.

    See page 26 of this paper.....


    and pages 9-11 of the above paper for a complete symtpom list of tick borne diseases.

    and this symptom info about bartonella:


    Rib pain or soreness can also be associated with a chronic Borellia burgdorferi infection (lyme)...see this booklet's symptom list:


    If you look at the symptom lists, you may also have many other symptoms on the list.

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    You should always get new lumps checked out by a doctor just incase they are cancerous.

    Costo can last for years. My S-I-L has had it for about five years now.

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    i agree you should see dr but lumps are probably trigger points and you need to massage them slowly. its painful but it helps. get the TRIGGER POINT THERAPY BOOK. use a ball and massage.
    you can do it. love gail
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    ABout the disease that you can get from ticks and cats. I am not around either. I have not been out doors in mountians in over a year and was checked out for ticks when I came home. My family is allergic to cats so I advoid them at all costs.

    I am not the out door person, my only adventures in the great out doors come once a year, when I go to the mountian man rondevous. It is in a in teh forest but well groomed trails and camping is good, I don't camp, and I dont' stay there very long no over night visits, Last year all three of our daughter were pregnant and I went to the camp site to see them and the other friends , it was a wel groomed dry dry camp site, I parked up by the gate where all the visitors come in to see what a mountian man camp site would look like.

    The chostochronditis is most likely what I have, I have a doctors appointment on the 12th of april so I will ask him at that visit what he thinks this could be including the lump on my arm. I don't know much about cmp but I know that when I was dxed with fiibro the doctor added the cmp too. I am just tired of the achey feelings , getting so sleepy that I can't keep my eye's open in the early evening , yet when I should be sleeping I am wide awake. How do I go about changing this. I need to sleep in my bed not the recliner.

    I am wondering if stress could have added to my pain and the cmp and fibro, in 222009 my hubby lost his job of 20 yrs, he was out of work for almost a year and when he finally got a new job it paid $27,000 a year less. We had to sell our house in a quick sell, it took months but finally it sold. But all this has left me feeling empty and like I am missing some thing in my life. We found a small house to rent but it is just two bedrooms and is so small that there is no place to let the granadkids play. The kitchen is so small that by the time we got the fridge ,s tove, adn freezer along with the washer and dryer there is no room for a table. The bath room is small too no space for towels no shelves. NOthing. Also we had to get rid of our bed, it was a water bed that we had for many years but it kept getting leaks in it and I could not repair them fast enough, so we got rid of it and bought a new bed with a soft top and it is a soft bed with box springs. To me it feels like sleeping on a brick that is even with memory foam on the top of the quited mattress pad that is built in to the mattress. I have not been able to sleep a night in the bed ever. When I finally go to sleep in the am around 6 I take my 1/2 soma and a msir { quick acting morphine} and go back to sleep in the bed. I wake up and am so stiff that it is really painfull.

    IN my days I don't get out much because by the time I wake up it is after noon. I don't drive any where till after 2-3pm and then again I don't drive after dark as the darn new head lights blind me. That is not a good thing, There is so much stress in the family, my mom is 83 and was just in the hosptial over night doctor never did find out what her problem was. She does not eat drink enough to keep a bird alive.

    I have my sister help her bath as it is getting harder for me the weaker she gets and I can't climb in to the bath tub and lift her out. Just can't do that but my sister can. I still take her to the doctors when I can, I don't drive when my fibro flares or I feel that nasty fatique comming on , when it hits I am worthless to drive because I get so sleepy and can't function well , I know when this happens as it starts when i wake up and feel so tired that all I want to do is sleep. My oldest daughter lives with my mom and she has problems with her kids, Jaden loves his grama and his nanna{me} he was so upset that grandma was in the hosptial over night.

    OUr lives have changed so much since we moved and money is tight. I dont' feel like getting out and meeting people. I don't attend church because of the noise level from crying babies, children , the florcent lights, microphones that buzz , all the noise gets to me and makes me feel like some one has jsut blasted shards of glass in to my eye;s head, body, It just wears me out and makes hurt so much, When i attend church I will pay for going for days after wards. SO I don't know many people in my church. I don't get out much and the friends I have had over the years have remarried, moved and work full time.

    I am disabled and don't work, I don't see any one much but my girls and they don't understand fibro or cmp, they feel like when I wake up from a phone call at noon and I have been sound alseep I will slur my words and even fall back to sleep while talking to them. I do that when I am over tired and they are at my house,

    So they think I am taking too many pain meds and want to control my meds for me. /thankyou but i hvae been doing it for years adn I am not letting them take over the contol I need to have some thing hta I control on my own not them telling me what I can take or when I can take it how much of it too take, or if I want to save some for a 72 hour kit or one for a longer time frame. I have heard that if we were to have a earth quake I would not be albe to get my meds refilled and would need to have at least two to three weeks maybe longer before I could refill all my meds.
    I want my girls to let me worry about what meds I take and to accept that I am the one who has to make the choice as to how far I want to reduce my meds. I don't want to stop them but I would like to be on a lower dosage that would not make me so drowsey at times. I need to have some conrtol in my life. I need ot be able to do things I want to do. I want to exercise and lose weight, I need to be able to take my self where I need to go and do what I need to do, I want a better life. I need to find a way to get my life in order to be able to do what I need to do to make me happier and to feel better. I dont' want to be on pain meds for ever but I also don't ever want to go back to baing in pain daily all the time, never ending pain. I just want to be happy and to be able to life and to play with my grandbabies,

    I dont' know what is causeing this pain in my ribs, back hops and in my wrist, knee's, and to find out why I have lumps in my arms is it from cmp or some thing else.

    I have been th rough so much stress in the past year or two that my system is all messed up and out of control. I don't know how to get it back undercontrol.

    Thanks for all the suggestion you all have made, I will look in to them. To try and find out what is really going on in my body. Thank you for your caring and concern. It mean;s more than you know. Thank you so much. Any answer will be helpfull. Thanks again.
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    Please consider that your long-term illness could have originated from tick-borne infections long ago.

    It doesn't sound like you have been sick for just a year.

    Remember that the symptoms that these infections cause often become their own diagnoses....migraines, chronic fatigue, FM, costochondritis, insomnia, etc.

    When a diagnosis is given, people often think they should stop searching for answers because they have a diagnosis......but the real question is "Why do you have costochondritis?"....what caused it?

    You can ask this question about each symptom you have.

    Many times the answer is undiagnosed, untreated chronic infections.

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    since I see a rehumy he is not always so thrilled at me asking for blood work for condditions I may or may not have.

    My pain started between age;s 2& 3 yrs old with horriable leg aches. treatment plan was asprin and vit C. can't say that it really helped me much. I had female problems that resulted in a total hysterectomy , tubes and ovearies at age 34.
    The health conditions that are more prebvelant are heart disease, lung disease's , lung cancer, TB, mini strokes, that is on my mom's side of family, DAddy's was heart disease.

    i lost my dad 9 days before I turned 13 yrs, It was so very hard for me to grow up with out a dad in a time when I needed him the most. Mom never married again. Now she is 83 and has had several mini strokes that have been in the cerebelum and now mom gets dizzzy and out of balance easily, she is prone to couoghing as am I as was my grandmother on my mom's side of family.

    There were many truma's that could have played a part in my getting fibro, cmp and lung condtions. all passed on by geneitic's. I have 8 female cousins who have fibro, 5 who have had breast cancer and are surviving still. 3 Aunts who had breast cancer and survivied it.

    I just dont' know where I would have gotten a tick bite and not have known about it, No sign of infection, irratations anything htat would indate that I had been bitten by a tick. But I will speak to my doctor about the infectioin who spoke of. I was never the out door girl as when I was out in the sun I broke out in hives, so it was not fun to be out side , I never liked camping, hiking and going into the woods with all the brush and bugs Just not me. When I have camped I spendt my time in a camper tole painting and I never saw a tick on any one of my daughters who hiked adn enjoyed it. IN all the years I have not spendt much time out side camping hiking and have ofund htat it is not some thing I enjoy doing. I want to sleep in my own bed, where I can keep warm and not freeze on Memoral daaay week end when the moutian man rondevous is at.
    Thank you for telling me about this infection and I wil have it checked out, I will see if my medicare will pay for the blood work and tests. I am one of the people who get the strange reactions to all types of meds. the weird ones the never been heard of kind, I stick to what i know works cause I hate it when taking a medication that makes me flip out, sick, or out of iOnce again thanks for all the info you have given to me.

    I also did not know that chostochondritis can last for years. that really bites. /but does not explain teh pain yn my joints hips knee's whrists, and all over body pain.

    I am working on reducing my pain meds so that I can find the lowest doseage that will keep my pain undercontrol and still let me drive with out worry.
    Thanks for all your posts and thoughts. It really means a lot to me.
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    Thank you for being open minded and considering this possibility.

    The biggest problem is that 99% of Dr's (including Rheumatologists) really know nothing about chronic Lyme, bartonella, babesia, etc.

    They believe it either is rare or doesn't exist and that a negative ELISA is all you need to rule out lyme......and nothing is further from the truth.

    That is one big reason why so many people are undiagnosed and untreated.

    It is also why so many people have to do their own research and learn the truth about these common infections, and how to diagnose and treat them.

    Just saying this so you know not to depend on your Rheumy helping you much with this possibility...they just are not educated properly about it.

    I would urge you to start reading ILADS info about lyme.

    I never saw a tick or a bite, but I have lyme.

    Igenex also has tests for Bartonella, etc. None of them are 100% accurate and diagnosis should be made based on symptoms, history, exam and testing.....and NOT ruled out based on just testing.

    You can also have bartonella without lyme.

    I wish you only the best.

    Here's some important info:






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    Just wanted to add this link which shows just how tiny a tick can be.....no wonder we often don't see them....


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