What is wrong with me????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, May 2, 2006.

  1. FMsolider

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    So, last friday my Rheumy prescribed me 60 vicidin and said she would never refill that script for me b/c of the addiction factor- so, make 'em last.I have had a few scripts of these drug in the past from this doc and others. I took one friday - and nothing so I took another figuring my tolerance to this drug has gone up some and I just a to take a lil more than suggested to find relief. Well, here we are on Tuesday and I only have 10 pills left. I took 50 vics in 4 days! What the heck is wrong with me? Am I devolping the addiction that everyone has warned me of? I am more worried about my liver than anything also. I should add that the script is actually Hydrocodne w/accedamediphine (500/5) I just want to feel better but, god forbide I mention this to the doctor...even if I just said lets switch meds.- this one I am now tolerant to. Anyone else ever done what I did? I am now doing 5 or 6 at a time. I know I can not ge this drug again and logic says make these 10 left last. Should I lay off for awhile? How long? Any and all input would be appreicated.
  2. Geechie

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    I have gone through that many Percocet. But I've only ever taken two together, and that's on the bottle. I think Percocet is a lot stronger and more addictive than vicodin.

    i'm sorry you are having so much pain, and I don't doubt for a minute that you really are. Some doctors are very paranoid.

    Have you been to a pain doc? Sometimes they have other suggestions that you can try (besides shots, which have their own set of problems) and sometimes they will even prescribe for you. It is worth a try.

    I put my Percocet bottle, these days, in a place that is a PITA to get to! and write down the times I take them. I take about four a day and have for five years. last year my Rheumy cut me off cold turkey for a month, thinking that this would renew their effect on me. It was a bad month, I did NOT have withdrawal, and the effect is the same. So who knows. Percocet is the only thing that works for me at all.

    Good luck with this. Sometimes you just have to change doctors when they stop taking you seriously. My recent thing was a very complicated back surgery which seems to have helped ALL the pain probs.!!

    I hate drugs. I hate the need for drugs.
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    I think yu need to see a pain doctor and think about taking an SSRI instead. I think that just leaving you to make your own mind up about what to take is silly. I also think it is dangerous to be eating them like candy waiting to see a response. More does not mean better. Often less means better.

    I would encourage you with all my heart to see a doctor right away and tell them what you told us.

    ANNE c
  4. Mikie

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    They know our kind of pain and are willing to work with their patients to find just the right drugs. We can rapidly build a physical tolerance for pain meds but this doesn't necessarily mean it's a psychological addiction. I don't think rheumies are generally the best docs to treat our kind of pain. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  5. FMsolider

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    I am afraid to talk to a doctor about what I just posted b/c I think they will over-re-act. But, a pain specialist might not be a bad idea. What is SSRI...?
  6. julieisfree05

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    It sounds like you need to see a pain specialist who can put you on something that will control your pain. If you are taking that much vicodin and not getting relief, it sounds like it just isn't strong enough.

    A pain specialist may ask you to sign a "contract" stating that you won't get pain medication from any other doctors, you will only use it as prescribed, not ask for "early" refills, etc., but they usually are willing to prescribe medications that other doctors are either unwilling or afraid to prescribe.

    The "War on Drugs" has extended to physicians, and many doctors are terrified of the DEA. That's why it's sometimes hard to find a doctor who will prescribe pain medication. Also, many doctors don't understand HOW to treat chronic pain. Med school teaches them about ACCUTE pain, but treatment of chronic pain is not a very long class...:)

    There is a difference between addiction, physical dependence, tolerance and pseudo-addiction.

    ADDICTION is when you take a drug (or whatever) for the way it makes you FEEL! If you were taking the vicodin when you DID NOT have pain, that would be a sign of addiction. People who are addicted to pain meds take them for the "high", not to relieve pain - and they take them whether they are in pain or not.

    PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE occurs when your body get used to having a certain medication and has "withdrawal" symptoms when you stop the medication. This can happen with MANY drugs, not just pain medication! If you are taking an anti-depressant for pain and suddenly discontinue it, your body will probably protest!

    TOLERANCE occurs when you take a medication (it doesn't have to be an opiate) for long enough that your body gets used to it, and you need a higher dose. This is a common occurance with pain meds, anti-anxiety meds and stuff like that. Your body just gets used to the dose, and needs more of it for the same medication to be effective. Some chronic pain patients take doses of pain meds that would kill a person who started at that same dose, but TOLERANCE can develop over time.

    PSEUDO-ADDICTION is when you start developing BEHAVIORS that mimic "addiction" (hoarding pain meds, seeing more than one doctor for meds, etc.). This is common among chronic pain patients whose pain is being under-treated or not treated at all. They have a legitimate need for pain relief, but to the "experts", it looks like they are "drug seeking" because they aren't getting the pain relief they need.

    Studies have shown that chronic pain patients have about a 1-2% addiction rate when their pain is properly controlled.

    julie (is free!)

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  7. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    They are anti-depressants. They may or may not help you.

    I for one refuse to take any of the ADs. They either make me sick or be a zombie, neither of which are preferable.

    Don't really know why they were even brought up when you were asking about pain meds not ADs

  8. Jana1

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    darvocet, (hydrocoden), controlled my pain for about 3 years...only two a day. Then, I started having to take more...and up it went.

    When I hit 6 a day, my docotor told me it was time for a change as they were not working anymore. He gave me one kind at a time...or a combination..finally, we settled on 30m oxycontin and 40 mg of methadone a day.

    Somedays I don't need so much. Now I have been on that combo for 18 months and it is doing fine. A lot of the time I don't need that much as I am trying the Guai protocol.

    Sounds like you need a doctor who listens to you and is willing to work with you to find the minimum of medication that helps you to have at least 10 hours of functioning a day.

    My doctor has a list of 4 questions he always asks me. They are the things I told him from the very first I wanted to be able to do even with a bad case of FM. He uses those four things as a measure of how well I am doing.
    He thinks every person should be able to do every day things they want for a good quality of life.

  9. FMsolider

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    Thank you all for your non-judmental advice. There is NO ONE in my life that I could talk to about this without them throwing me in rehab. Anyone else ever take A LOT of pills like I have been?
  10. onnaroll

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    hi fm

    I dont mean to be the barer of bad news, but my exspierince with a pain doc here was horrible, maybe i was exspecting to much and i hadent been diagnosed at that point either. he did nothing for me but charge me 300.00 for the visit and told me my doc should perscribe me pain meds if i need them. and he told me where to go for pain meeting, well i allready had that info. best of luck mf
    hugs roll
  11. mme_curie68

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    The maximum dose for Acetaminophen in a 24 hour period is 4000 mg. Anything higher than that will cause liver damage.

    If you are taking 12 - 13 vicodin a day, that adds up to 6000 - 6500 mg, significantly higher than the dosing limit for Acetaminophen.

    Narcotics, you can build up a tolerance - but not acetaminophen.

    You need a single ingredient narcotic or a higher dose so that you DONT kill yourself with Tylenol (Acetaminophen).

    Madame Curie

  12. Kimba4318

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    The PM doc is the way to go. I have another post about Kadian. Gave me Kadian over a week ago and I noticed there was "break through" pain.... I was thankful that they gave me a strong med and it did in fact help alot, so I felt bad when I had to call and say I need a little more for the pain or something for the breakthrough pain. I was very afraid he woudl think I was nuts.

    They squeezed me in this morning because they were concerned and up'd the dose of the morphine type pill and made it lobger lasting and then gave me a lower dose to be able to take at night.

    What wonders this has done! Now I can take 2 pills aday - instead of several and going Up and down all of the time and trying to chase the pain.

    I think they got it right and this is after just 2 appointments. SO I would strongly reccomend asking your doc for a referral to a pain management specialist that can help you. He also gave me some injections which helped for the more immediate nerve pain.

    Don't give up... but YES, you are taking way too much - not good for your body. You just need someting strong that is LONG LASTING and you will find you only need one or two in the entire day. You will be able to focus on living and not chasing the pain and takig pill after pill.

    Good Luck to you and keep us updated!
    Hugs :)

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