What is wrong with me?

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    I am new to this board so I will say Hello, I am Mary a 46 yr old female from Pa..

    Ok, I have had this burning, tender sensation that wraps around my lower back into my ribs and hips, which comes around to my stomach also which is very uncomfortable and belly is also tender and have a full gassy feeling all the time.
    this has been going on for a week now, this started after I had a bad episode of very crampy loose stools which were hard to disspell , I kind of had spasms in my stomach trying to go, but I had loose stools w/it?..

    I have been diagnosed w/ shingles but this episode I am experiencing is more radiating into more spots then my shingles episodes I have had before??

    I am being treated for Acid Reflux, and I also have dizzy, nauseating spells that last for weeks,I am being treated for Vertigo for that also( but not sure if that is the problem, as the medicine my Dr gave me doesn't help so I buy Dramamine at the drug store and take that, seems to help some)..

    I have memory loss as well or "Brain Fog" as I hear some call it, I can't sleep very well, I am up most every night until 3 am then i have to force myself to go to bed and when i do I close my eyes and my mind is racing w/ a million different things so it takes me another hr or so to even get relaxed enough to sleep..

    I also have Irritable bowels, so much so that I can't even travel ANY where as I am in fear of having a bout in the car, that makes me stressful and then makes my anxiety levels sky high, which makes me have to stop at every bathroom I know of, so suffice to say I am making myself a hermit, what is going on with me, seems like the last 5 yrs I have been nothing but sick all day, every day..

    OH and I must add that I do not have any insurance so my doctor is hesitant on sending me to do any testing for any major things wrong w/ me....
    Thank you!

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    When i started reading your post i did think shingles and then you went on to say that you had been diagnosed with it. Reason i thought that is because my grandfather had it. Secondly, irritable bowel is not to be underestimated, i can suffer alot of discomfort from mine, made worse in times of stress, or when eating certain foods so i eliminated those foods. I do have ulcers in my colon also. If you are still being troubled by these symptoms i suggest you go back to your doctor. Alot of untoward things can immitate ibs, and this is obviously the thing thats worrying you. It could be what you have been diagnosed with or it might be something else.

    My doctor gave me a colonscopy after suffering for so long, thats how they found my ulcers. If your doctor isnt listening ask to see another doctor in the practice ( i am british so i am not sure how things work with practices here).

    What you' ve got to ask yourself is what would put your mind at ease? Then aim for that. Your doctor should help relieve your symptoms by a change in medication or diet. Ask him about your shingles too.
    We can give suggestions on things you've been diagnosed with and what we have. But ultimately if you are concerned something is wrong or a miss you must go to your doctor.

    With regards


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    Thank you Freida & Madeline,

    I am making an appt first thing Monday morning and demand that my dr get to the bottom of this, that is if I don't end up in the ER before that..

    I am trying to tell myself that yes it is shingles, but then my mind goes wild with other things it could be..

    It is not really painful but more of a burning sensation and tender feeling, kind of like the the "cool" sensation you get when you put Icy Hot on your skin, I know that seems weird because I did say it was a burning sensation, but it really does feel like that??

    It also reminds me of the feeling I had when I had cysts on my ovaries (but had a full hysterectomy when I was 30) so I know it isn't that..

    I know I really need to start eating better though, that is my biggest hurdle to get over, I love my food dearly :) BUT my health is way more important at this stage of my life..

    I am not one to run to the Dr, I literally need to be bed ridden before I will decide to go, not something my bf likes, he is always telling me to go..

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    Welcome to the family! Just a thought here, it might be wise to do a liver panel. I had similar pain and it turned out to be portal hypertension. And when the pathways get backed up, they either go "north" or "south" or both. Mine chose both and I ended up with esophageal variances and bowel problems (horrid hemorrhoids and bleeding). I can't eat rough foods for fear of choking or bleeding to death. If I think of anything else, I'll write back. Stay strong, think positive and don't let the ***tard win!

    Soft hugs,