What is wrong with people? Changing pharmacies again.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    I've finally now had it with CVS. It's not the pharmacists, they are wonderful. It's the other workers. The same girl that didn't want to give me a printout and told me to "keep my prescriptions WROTE down" was really nasty to me the other night. The pharmacist heard it and apologized and told me she'd have a talk with her.

    Today, another worker was really put off when I asked her to refill my son's acne medicine and I didn't have the numbers (because they are in Chicago with him). She asked me if I knew the names. I said no, but there are only two of them, could you look them up by his name for me please. I got the big huff and then she asked for his last name. I asked if there was a problem. I then explained that the meds were in Chicago at my son's college. These are the people that won't fill my pain pills a day early even if the doctor said it was okay.

    I've decided to go with a local small pharmacy. I called and "interviewed" the pharmacist. I explained that I took 14 meds and that sometimes I need help keeping them straight. I asked if she would mind giving me a printout or spending a few minutes with me if I needed help. I explained the previous problem. She asked for all my info and set me up on the spot. Crossing my fingers for this one. I'm running out of options.
  2. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    Good luck with the new one. I have to say I have been very lucky with my pharmacy. They are always so sweet and helpful. I guess it helps that I live in a very small town and my son and the pharmasists son are the same age so I have known them for years. All the girls that work there are also very kind to me. When I am waiting to get a script filled they always come over and talk to me. When the pharmists wife is there she always asks how I am feeling as such. I guess I should thank God that I live in a small town with a great pharmacy. Good luck to nyou..~~Hugs~ Mick!!
  3. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Good luck, Cookie!

    I've had used what I would have to call our "local" pharmacy for years and have had wonderful experiences with them.

    The pharmacy is in our local Bi-Mart. I don't know if they have Bi-Mart where you live, but it is a small chain with a small town atmosphere.

    There are several pharmasists at ours and any one of them is more than happy to help. The employees own the stores so they are really helpful and usually cheerful.

    Because I leave a "trail of joy" behind me everywhere I go (according to my 28 year old daughter!) they all remember me and the people in the pharmacy all call me by name. Very nice people.

    I almost always check out at the service desk and give the girls there a bad time about them not being very good about this lottory thing. I always buy my tickets there. The girls know I'm going out the "not an exit" front door so I don't have to walk so far and automatically push the button to open it and let me out.

    Very nice people. Hope you find a place you like.


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  4. rigby

    rigby New Member

    I use my town small pharmacy and have no problems fill thing without numbers or early but I have no insurance but they will meet the lowest prices Sharon
  5. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    I have been using Wal-mart for years. They know who I am by name. Always ask how I'm doing etc., Never had a problem getting my prescriptions a day early or even a week early.
  6. blueyegirl57

    blueyegirl57 New Member

    Hi, I also had problems with the workers at CVS. Bad attitude !! I go to Walgreens now , they are so nice.
  7. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    The teacher I work with has a son who's a pharmacist. He has been offered much bigger money (and a large bonus) to go to work at an online pharmacy---apparently this is the new trend---but he's sticking with the grocery-chain pharmacy he's been with for years. He says he knows his customers by name, including all their ailments, prescriptions, etc., loves the personal contact.

    There are those guys (and gals) out there in this business who really do care & make sure they get it right.

    Keep at it, Cookie, you'll find the right place!

  8. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    I did go walgreens, but! they were taking my pain pills. almost always had 1 or 2 missing. So now i go to cosco wayyyyyyyyyyyy cheeper and very friendly..=)
  9. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    Sorry you are having this problem with CVS and I hope you have better luck with your new pharmacy.

    I have to agree with you this is the very reason I quit using CVS after many, many years.

    I now use the pharmacy where I work and get an employees discount which helps so much on the price of my medicines.

    Take care,

    Karen :)
  10. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    that I have used for almost 20 yrs. I pass 4 different pharmacies to go to mine and I wouldnt have it any other way. It is small with the 2 same pharmacists as long as Ive been there. I dont have problems with the assistants usually because if I do, I ask to speak to the pharmacist. With as many drugs that I take, I would never be able to keep up with all of them at different pharmacies.

    Sometimes, one of my pharmacists will go on vacation and my heart sinks when I have to deal with someone who doesnt know me.{I dont do well with change}. So I do know what you mean. I hope you have better luck


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