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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenn_c, Oct 1, 2008.

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    You know what is odd? I was just thinking, there are laws that protect the elders and there are laws that protect the children. WHO PROTECTS US? THE 20, 30, 40 OR 50 SOMETHINGS.

    Where do we go when we have been wronged? Who protects us from the medical community that has sworn to do no harm, yet will let us suffer in pain because we " may become addicted". Or take away medicine cold turkey and to hell if you have a seizure or you knaw off your arm because of pain.

    How do we protect ourselves?

    Sorry I am coming off angry. I just "see" so much pain here. How do I help?

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    Your pain is excruciating, Your brain skips a beat lol. Your wittiness is slowly losing it's witt, your common sense, is not so common anymore, and last, but not least, your body just hurts all over.
    Your 22 year old son has made your anxiety go through the roof has if he has forgotten he turned 22 years old only 4 years ago.

    Ok,so by now you must have guessed I am at the doctor's office. Dr."Ok take this 4 times a day for anxiety, the same with these for pain this for this that for this, don't get out of bed unless you have to. Me " Thank you Dr., you're so wondeful!". 30 days later... " Dr's office can I help you?" Me. "yes I need a refill on my med's". Your name please) Mrs... "Please hold moment?"

    "Mrs...." thank you for holding, our records are showing you were only here last month, is that correct?" Me "yes that's correct". Well Mrs... beeing that you were just here last month we won't be able to refill your prescriptions until we see you again." Me. "WHAT"????. "Let me make an appointment anyway you see to be a little stress out, and the Dr, might be able to give you something else a little more addictive." LOL

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  3. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    Sometimes I just want to bang my head off the wall. Only to have a doc say well Jenn that welt on your head is due to FM, never mind the big whole in my door. LOL.


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