What is your Favorite Christmas song?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kjade, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. kjade

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    I am getting ready to start making my yearly Christmas DVD that I make every year. I put together video and pictures to music, and have really neat software that does cool (professional looking) effects.
    I have talked about this before - it is like a photo album on film that my children will have when they are older. My videos usually end up being about 3 hours long though every year!

    Anyway, I always start it off with a Christmas video from the previous year - it is so fun to see how the kids have grown in a year! I have used most of my favorite x-mas songs, and need help choosing the music for this year's holiday segment. One year, I took the old 8 mm films (remember those? They had no sound and you had to watch them on a screen) - I took the ones of me growing up and put them to the song "Where are you Christmas"? It was a very touching piece (If I do say so myself....lol!)

    What song would you suggest for me? I like some of the slower ones, but the upbeat ones are usually best for my videos. Can you all help me choose my music? I would appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Doober

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    is "little Drummer Boy". The reason is that this song shows to me that it is not what you give or how expensive an item can be bought and given.

    The boy had nothing to give. But he had a talent he could share to others. Holidays are truly about sharing and spending time with the family and friends.

    Material items do not last forever. but special moments of time shared together is a gift that last a long time in memories.
  3. PVLady

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    I bought the "Noel" DVD by Josh Grogan. All the songs are beautiful
  4. bevy2most

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    for Christmas, always stirs up emotion for me....My daughter is in college in Dallas, and my eldest son just got back from Afganistan, my girl will be home for Christmas my son cannot get leave until after the holidays, but I know in his heart he will be home.
    Enjoy making your video....
  5. sisland

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    is "What child is this" and "Away in the Manger" on the Santa side of things i like "Jingle bell Rock" There are so many that it's hard to choose!,,,,,,,,,Thats Kool your making a DVD
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  6. kjade

    kjade New Member

    These are all GREAT suggestions, and you have all given me some things to think about! I appreciate you all sharing with me. It seems that most of you really enjoy the "classics" - I do too!!!
  7. kholmes

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    I used to teach a film production class at the University of Iowa. My students shot and edited old Super 8 mm film. It's nice to be able to edit on our computers now, though, isn't it?

    Lively or pop Christmas songs might work best for your footage: "Blue Christmas," "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree," "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas," "Jingle Bills,"... For outdoor shots, how about "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"?

    My favorite secular Christmas song is "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays"). As a kid, I always liked the line about the traffic being "terrific."

    If you have a slow, touching lyrical sequence of shots, you might go for something like "Little Drummer Boy" or "White Christmas."

    My favorite sacred Christmas song is "Oh, Holy Night." When sung by a good singer, the last high note never fails to give me chills. I'm not sure if this will work with your video, though.

    Have fun, and I'm sure your video will be a hit!

    What software are you using for editing?
  8. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    "Oh, Holy Night."

    Sounds like a good project. I also like songs from the Messiah..."For Unto Us a Child Is Born."

    Lots of others, but mind is a bit blank right now. Were gone for 4 days and I'm charging my IPod while I check up here...need to call it a day.

    Take care!
  9. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thanks Kholmes and Sue -
    Oh Holy Night is such a beautiful song - I love a few versions of that song - Josh Groban and Michael Bolton sing it so beautifully, it brings tears to my eyes (& the chills) when they reach that note near the end.

    kholmes: Currently, I use the Sony/Vegas editing software - I have the latest version that you can edit high-def film with. I had a rough time with it last year, because it was new. But it does produce beautiful DVD's with crystal clear pictures and sound. If you taught video editing, I may be asking you for some help here soon! (lol) I usually begin my project around mid December to be completed by x-mas eve or new year's eve - we have the whole family over to watch it. It is something I love to do, but boy is it hard.

    I basically take the pictures and videos from the entire year, and put them to music - depending on what has happened over the year, some are sad, and others are very funny. America's Funniest Videos has nothing on my videos!! And my kids (even though they are still young now) just LOVE these every year....they get so excited to watch them. I hope they will treasure these all their lives. I have done these videos for other people (for birthdays, weddings, special anniversaries, ect....) - I keep getting better at them every year, and it's one of the few things I am so proud of that I can do.
  10. kholmes

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    Sounds great. I didn't realize you could edit high definition with the Sony/Vegas software. One of these years, I may have to look into that!

    I'm a little behind on the new editing software.

    Good luck!
  11. lilaclover30

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    "Silent night' brings the chills and sometimes the tears. Our church closes their 10 p.m. service with this. The church is dark except for the individual candles each person holds. Everyone sings 3 verses and aon the 3rd verse, I sing the descant that I have sung for years! "O Holy Night" is absolutely beautiful

    That says it all! O Holy Night!!!! "Away in a Manger" I learned when little in Sunday School!

    They are all wonderful.