What Is Your Favorite Halloween Memory?

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    I don't know what it is about Halloween, but it makes me feel sentimental and nostalgic, thinking back to past Halloweens. I was thinking of when my twins were a pair of bunnies one year, a pair of bumble bees another, and my youngest was the most adorable Ariel you've ever seen; I ran into her nursery school teacher last week and she still talks about it. You see, my daughter had this really insanely oversized long flowing red wig, and she insisted on red lipstick, and there was something very hilarious about it. But my all time favorite was when she was the Queen of Hearts in pre-K.

    I remember getting dressed as Vampira when I was 17; my boyfriend at the time had very short dark hair and dark eyes and he made a great vampire in his rented costume. We went to a big, fancy party on Halloween night at a reception hall and won first place! We broke up shortly after that, and I never got a copy of the pictures:(

    My funniest memory is about twenty years ago--I got dressed up as a witch for my then three year old nephew's Halloween party. I was a really ugly witch, a la Wizard of Oz, all green with a giant prostheitc nose, and cackling--flew in on my broom (I actually walked through the streets to her house like this--didn't have a car then). The kids were mesmerized by me--and my sister and I conjoured up a hilarious exit for me. She went into the bathroom (I had my clothes in there) and turned up the steam full blast. In front of the kids, she 'lured' me to the bathroom door, and pushed me in and slammed the door while I yelled, "I'm melting!!" I quickly washed up, and put my clothes on, and when I came out of the bathroom, the little ones were all asking me if I had seen the witch in there!! They loved it!!! This was before I had kids of my own, and once in awhile I run into some of my sister's friends that were there, and they still get hysterical, saying it was the funniest children's Halloween party they had ever been to. Oh and about ten year ago, I dressed up as Cruella Deauville, and I drove to my sister's house like that. Man, did I get alot of looks on that one!

    I absolutely could go on and on, but I really want to know from everybody, what their fondest Halloween memories are. Please post--it's so much fun to talk about!!

    Peace (and candy) --Laura

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    Halloween was a favorite of mine too! My Mom had a cedar chest full of clothes from 1930s onward (I grew up in 50's -early 60's) so it was always fun to make up new costumes... she had all kinds of 'exotic' things she'd collected in her travels before marrying.

    However, my favorite memory was when I was 5, I realllly trulllly wanted to be a witch so badly that I planned way in advance, and asked for a witch costume for my birthday at the beginning of September.

    My aunt got me the neatest witch mask (w/hat & dress) that was all warty etc and made out of rubber. I wore it to our local costume contest and won! Here was this little ugly witch with long blonde hair, LOL, traipsing around... I still even have the picture from our local paper. That mask actually lasted a long time since it was adult size... I wore it again later, but only once - it was a warm Halloween and I remember getting quite sweaty.

    My other favorite memory is my son at age 5 also - he was in love with dinosaurs (& this was right after Jurassic Park), and we got him an over the head raptor mask sized for adults. I painted up a black long-sleeved tee/sweat pants with brown & green mottled spots to match, and then made a 4' tightly stuffed tail that stuck out straight (attached it to cardboard and attached to a thick 8" elastic band to go around his waist.) He insisted he wanted a LONG one that was straight!

    It was so funny, he even walked like he imagined a raptor would. I warned him that his classmates might pull on his tail.... unfortunately my warning became fact, LOL, he had to take it off within a couple of hours because not only did it occasionally get pulled, he kept swiping things off tables with it in kindergarten, LOLOL!

    Thanks for bringing up memories!

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    dressed in an indian costume. I was so excited. I remember walking to each house in the neighborhood. We lived in the cutest neighborhood in Los Angeles ever! I will never forget living there. It was my very favorite place I have ever lived. My older sisters were leading the way. It was so fun!