What is your FAVORITE Holiday Movie?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fibrohugslife, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am needing a break from thinking about my fibro and other ailments. I wanted to know what are your favorite holiday movies?

    I am trying to see what movies that I could get over the holidays to help keep me in the spirit while dealing with all these health issues.

    My favorites are comedies of course such as a Christmas Carol, and Elf, along with Home Alone 1 and 2.

    Please share yours!

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    La Boheme is good. The opera's opening scene takes place on Christmas Eve.

    Christmas Story is good. Isn't that the one where the kid wants a B-B gun?

    Yankee Doodle Dandy, the story of George M. Cohan.

    Almost any Alfred Hitchcock film would be good for Halloween.
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i love frosty the original. rudolph and the grinch who stole christmas. the classics


    but i really prefer to skip to my birthday it is on xmas. so i need to think of something special to do for my b-day. i have to have tennis elbow surgery 12/27. i think i will be not going out on new years eve.

  4. Callum

    Callum New Member

    My partner and I watch three films every year for Christmas-

    1)It's a Wonderful Life (and we cry every time)

    2)A Christmas Carol starring Alistair Simms (and we cry every time)

    3) A Charlie Brown Christmas (and we cry every time)
  5. kat2002

    kat2002 New Member

    It is just not Christmas for me until I see
    "It's A Wonderful Life".

    Love the holidays,
  6. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    There are so many!

    White Christmas ... of course I cry when they pay tribute to the old 'General'

    Christmas Vacation...

    The Gathering (one of my favorite all time 'tv movies' w/
    Ed Anser (sp) I cry everytime...

    Home for The Holidays w/ Holly Hunter Kind of a dark comedy, but life like! LOL

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.... While it is about Thanksgiving, my DH and I watch it Christmas night. I cry, at the ending, no big surprise! BUT, my DH even tears up!

    Emmett Otter and the Jug Time Band. I am thankful I recorded this YEARS ago, when our daughter was two, now twenty-four. It is a great 'muppet' like special.

    Christmas on 32 Street, or some number.... lol The original one where Natalie Wood plays the little girl.

    Rudolph The Reindeer.. I think I have watched it for almost 40 years. Yikes! I still remember the commercials with the elves riding on some brand of electric shaver..

    Okay, so these are more than a few.... LOL

  7. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Santa Clause movies, but really my favorite is always the original Grinch!!

    The kids like Prancer too.
  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Definitely 'A Christmas Story' is my most favorite ever...

    I watch it several times over the holidays every year, I think it is hysterical... and I have a very short attention span these days, so that's saying something, lol!


    PS: for other fans... did you know that one CAN ACTUALLY BUY that lamp made from a mannequin's leg with the fishnet hose?????

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  9. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    For years I wouldn't watch the movie because it was on every channel and I just didn't want to see it. But I love James Stewart (especially in Harvey)and watched it one Christmas.

    Now I am hooked and actually watch it all year round. It just makes everything seem possible after I watch it, and of course have a good cry.

    Otherwise I love all the old cartoons thay used to have and I can catch sometimes. Charlie Brown, Frosty, Rudolph, etc.

    Thank you for asking, and Have a Very Merry Christmas!!
    Blessed Be,
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think because I fell in love with this movie as a child, I still can't get through the holidays without watching it.

    I have enjoyed most all of the Christmas movies which have come out in recent years too. I'm just a kid at heart.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    There are so many we enjoy but here are a few.....

    Jack Frost (Michael Keaton)

    The Polar Express (Tom Hanks)

    The Family Man (Nicolas Cage)

    The Santa Claus (Tim Allen)

    Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer (Original Classic)

    Frosty The Snowman (Original Classic)

    Prancer (Sam Elliott)

    The Preachers Wife (Whitney Houston)

    The Family Stone (Sarah Jessica Parker)

    Jingle All The Way (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    Happy Holidays!
  12. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    You'll Shoot Your Eye Out! Love it. I love when Ralphie comes down in the pink rabbit suit, and his dad says he looks like a demented Easter Bunny!

    Such a fun show.

    Others I like...this one I love.

  13. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, Mickey's Christmas Carol. I love the part in Christmas Vacation where the squirrel goes up the tree.

  14. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    My #1 is A Christmas Carol (Alister Sims) and I try to watch every version of this movie except the Muppet one.

    My son's #1 is The Grinch with Jim Carey. Oddly, he can imitate that character to a T.
  15. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I saw the lamp, a few days ago. It comes in two sizes. My DH and I laughed hysterically. I am sure our 19 y/o son would love to have it in his apartment! Boys!

    Still laughing,

  16. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Hands down, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Bad Santa.

    But, after all the votes for It's a Wonderful Life, I'm gonna make sure I see it this year.
  17. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Sound of Music.
    White Christmas.
    Someone lent me the dvd with Tom Hanks and him being a conductor on a train. Can't remember the name.
  18. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    My favorites are:

    The Grinch (original)

    It's a Wonderful Life

    I've never had a lot of Christmas spirit and my family has called me either the Grinch or Scrooge since I was in grade school.


  19. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Home alone movies are really good! But i also like the good old animated ones! Like Jack Frost, Rhudolph ,Frosty The snowman and I guess my favorite modern day one has to be "The Santa Clause series" with Tim Allen!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
  20. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Elf, too, that is so cute, and it was the first, and so far only movie, I like with Will Farrell in it, (OOps forgot, he also did Bewitch, which was funny too.)

    Its a Wonderful Life, is my all time fav, never tire of watching it,

    Lot of great ones really,