What is your opinion of Pain Clinics?

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  1. Dawnt

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    I'm just curious as to what others think of the Pain Clinic idea.

    My first experience was not pleasant there, although it could have to do with just getting out of surgery and not feeling well that day. But it seems the whole point of a Pain Clinic is to keep you comfortable and free from as much pain as they can. Instead I received no compassion and was treated as a drug addict.

    I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon, I'm hoping for a better experience.

    Thanks for some input,
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  2. Dawnt

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    I'm just curious as to what others think of the Pain Clinic idea.

    My first experience was not pleasant there, although it could have to do with just getting out of surgery and not feeling well that day. But it seems the whole point of a Pain Clinic is to keep you comfortable and free from as much pain as they can. Instead I received no compassion and was treated as a drug addict.

    I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon, I'm hoping for a better experience.

    Thanks for some input,
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  3. Milo83

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    I was just about to make a new post on Pain Management when I saw this one..My PCP, wants me to see a Pain Management Dr. and was wondering how many of you have gone to one and did you have any success..I'm just so tired of running from dr. to dr. that my mental and physical energy level is way down..It's bad enough to have the fatigue from the Fibro but then to aggrivate it more with all the running..I do see other drs. because I have more problems than just Fibro..I still did not make an appt. with pain mangement..I also have to be careful what kind of meds I take because I have AIH (autoimmune hepatitis)..I don't need anything that's going to damage my liver..Although now days, just about everything goes through the liver..
    Family dr. doesn't think physical therapy would help much at this point..ANY OPINIONS??
    Take Care.............Donna
  4. Suzy-Q

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    I went to a pain managment clinic in hopes to get some help with the excruiating pain I experience with FMS. Needless to say, I walked out of the pain managment clinic worse than when I went in. I walked out crying my eyes out because as soon as the doctor came into the room he said there is nothing that can be done to help fibromyalgia. My hopes were crushed and I was depressed for days from this awful experience. This visit was a waste of my time.

  5. epicurean

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    Was the best thing I have done-gave up going to Rheumy.
    I feel soooo much better.Put me on about 5 meds., some I take just when I need them-others daily.Can't say enough about him-HE Listens and Belives Me!!!!
  6. LuvMeCritters

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    Very caring, and so are the nurses. Never was I ever made to feel like a drug addict. He gave me the pain meds, meds for my RLS, muscle relaxers, and a couple others. Had an appt w/him last Friday and told him the Norco (hydrocodone 10/325) I was on was not touching the pain in my neck and asked about Percocet. He gave me them no questions asked. Even though the Percocet is 5/325 (half he strenth of Norco), the helps control the pain 100% better. He's the one who sent me for my lumbar MRI which showed DDD and bulging discs, and he's sending me today for a cervical MRI to see what's causing such pain in my neck/shoulders blades. Though my rheumy is a wonderful lady, and I see her as my PCP, she did nothing to help with my FM/CFS. So I'm all for pain clinics. Just have to find the right one I suppose.

  7. Deonmc

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    I go to a pain management Dr.and have been for 5 years. I am sure each clinic is different,but it was the best thing I have ever done. My Dr. feel that quality of life is very important and I had no life before pain management.I am on several meds. They do help with the pain. When my hips are bad I ask for trigger point injections. Some times they help. Finding the right Dr.is difficult at best. I went thru so many. Best of luck Deon
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  8. Shiloh

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    First, let me say that I have a Rheumy (who incidently is on the Good Doctor list) that doesn't believe in narcotic pain control for FMS. He has concurred with my PCP with a Dx of FMS, which is nice, but I have made the decision to recieve all my treatment from my PCP. He is very compassionate, supportive, open minded and he documents EVERYTHING. Anyway, last month I asked my PCP to refer me to a pain clinic, which he readily did. The PCP's office made an appt. for me in two weeks with the pain specialist. My PCP also told me that he would work together with me concerning my pain and gave me an Rx for Oxycontin and 5/325 mg. Percoset for my breakthrough pain. I was cautioned by the PCP that if it got to the point when/if I needed more than 40 mgs. of Oxycontin on a daily basis, then he'd feel more comfortable referring me to a pain specialist at that point. As it turned out, I had to cancel the appt. for the pain specialist. When I called to do that, I was told that if I canceling less than 24 hrs. before my appt. (and it was) that I would be charged a $125 broken appt. fee. I was stunned at how callous, nasty, unsympathic and downright rude this woman was. I finally was able to talk her outta slapping me with the broken appt. fee, but it seems that the next appt. that was available was at the end of November. I declined the appt. after deciding half way through the conversation that I'd stay with my PCP, since he was willing to help me. I ended the conversation by saying, "Do you get paid extra for that attitude? I would talk to your doctor about getting a raise, then. It's a shame to give that away for free." Then I hung up.

    I thought that seeing a pain specialist would look good on my SSDI application, but now I'm hoping that the amount of narcotic painkillers that I'm taking will carry more weight than the person prescribing it.

    I'll be staying away from those people as long as I can.

  9. Dawnt

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    I was so disappointed. I had told them the 25 mg duragesic patches weren't helping, and they had told me I couldn't take anything for break through pain. The NP added Gabitril (does anyone get relief from this) and zantac for the nausea?. She was going to give me ampitrypiline? for sleep but decided that the gabitril will help. She said that the Gabitril will take up to a week to work, so I'm suppose to sit for a week in extreme pain to see if this medicine even works. And if it doesn't I have to wait til October 8th to change it. Also, on monday, I'm having my surgery to remove all my upper teeth. I asked what I'm supposed to take for after surgery pain and she looked at me like..I wasn't to take anything and suffer. She didnt' prescribe anything either. I'm so angry right now I can't even explain everything intelligibly. I've worked for Hospice for many years, and the philosophy there is that people do not need to be in pain, especially today with the medicine available. These people don't seem to understand that either I need to be fixed some how or relieved of this. I'm happy for the people that find their pain clinics work for them. But in my opinion, this one does not work like a professional medical facility. And the people there are not compassionate to how people feel or at least how I feel. I wont' be going back and I will be finding a new doctor that isn't reserved in helping me at least be comfortable. I've decided to go home to my kids in Florida. If anyone knows of a good Doctor in Jacksonville, I'd appreciate a reference.
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    This has been a fascinating post. I asked my PCP about referring me to a pain clinic, and he declined, said they wouldn't help me. Wow. Guess maybe he knows what he is talking about! Thank you all who posted for sharing your stories.

  11. Lynda B.

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    There are good pain clinics and bad ones. Good doctors and bad ones. Good teachers and bad ones. And on and on.

    Some pain clinics, like doctors, have very strict protocols in how they treat FMS. Others treat any pain like pain, regardless of its origin. It hurts so it should be lowered as much as possible. I have been to both types. One was "Learn to live with the pain" as a philosophy and the other was "Pain interferes with your ability to enjoys lives", you can't just ignore it like Spock and here is what we can do for you.

    Always look into pain clinics and their beliefs just like anything else.

    Lynda B.
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    I, also, was treated like a drug addict - I actually had to sit before the panel and the nurses were giggling and mimicking me as i got angry when the administrator starting explaining the hospital/drug program/name of person to contact! This was when I was on less med's than now, and NEVER took more than prescribed!

  13. dolsgirl

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    I had a very negative experience with a pain clinic. They overdosed me and I needed help from my family to get off of meds. I couldn't even think straight. They were just handing out prescriptions without really taking care of me, knowing that I wanted to go the homeopathic, rehab type of route vs. prescriptive medications. It works for some people, but I had an EXTREMELY negative association with one and never plan on going back. dolsgirl
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    didn't get that much relief for the money they were releaving me of.....soooooooo, back to the maijuana post....anybody know where I can get some seed!!!!.....I have a basement with grow lights for my houseplants and starting seeds for springtime planting.....couldn't I hide just a couple of plants down there???.....God Bless
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    Hi, I read through these boards in the past, and think? I even posted before, but can't remember for sure:( I have Fibro, CFS, and several other dd's.
    Anyway, I'll "formally" introduce myself later:)

    My Rheumy has been handling all of my pain issues, and as of Sept. 30 he'll no longer be able to (legally) write out my Oxycontin scripts. He gave me info on a Pain Clinic near his office, but I am trying to find one closer to home. I travel a distance to see him, but would like a Pain Clinic closer to my house so I don't have to travel any more than I have to.
    After reading some of these posts, I realize that finding the right doctor/clinic might NOT be an easy task!! There is one at my local hospital, so I am thinking of giving them a try. I will have enough Oxy until the end of Oct., so I really need to get an appt. ASAP, so I'm not w/o my meds!! I ran out one time because my script "got lost in the mail", and I was in terrible shape and confined to bed!!! Luckily my pharmacy talked to the Rheumy on call at my doctor's office, over the weekend, and ok'd my pharmacist to give me a few pills until the mess was straightened out!

    Anyway, thanks for this topic:) It's helped me see both sides...the good AND the bad!

    Take care,
  16. Karrot

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    I just got a referral to a pain clinic from my PCP (who decided he has given up on doing anything for me). It's very interesting to find that most of you had negative experiences with pain clinics. However, I am getting nowhere where I am so I am willing to yell at a different doctor now :) My question is - Have any of you been able to get alternative treatment in your pain clinic?? I don't believe in pills much. So I'm really interested in whether or not this chap will allow me to try alternative treatment such as acupuncture and such. Anybody know?

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  17. Dawnt

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    As far as I know, they offer alternative treatments. In the exam room I was in, there were posters all over the walls explaining acupuncture and when the N.P came in, she asked if I ever tried it. So I'm assuming that they do. Also in the pack of information that they gave me, there goal was to treat without having to use narcotics. They do use opiods (I know that's spelled wrong). Good luck.
  18. stevenss575

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  19. clueless

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    I have not been to a pain clinic and after reading these posts do not believe I will ever go. I went to a pain specialist in Florida and he wanted to give me a spinal epidural. When I got home and looked up the results people had with them decided to not have it and canceled. The doctor was not going to give me my pain meds. because I canceled so-----I called and got his secretary,nurse or what ever and whn she said just a moment I proceeded to tell my husband what I thought of a doctor who would not give you the pain meds. you need because you did`nt want to have a procedure done that you were`nt sure of(--I knew the phone line was open )and sure enough she came back on with an appointment that day and he was sweet as could be and gave me my meds. It is sad what we have to listen to and go through to get the help we so desperately need. I am hoping I can get the meds. this year when we go down. I wish you the best of luck and ((((hugs)))) to you
  20. dolsgirl

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    I have heard that accupuncture is great for FMS and I plan on trying it. I one time had a massage and the masseuse used the Reika (pronounced REE-KAY), and I didn't have pain for about 3 months. It was incredible. I didn't even have to get undressed. Now that I've moved across the country, I have to find someone around here who does Reika. Good luck. I'm for the homeopathic route too. Eventually, I found that the narcotics didn't keep the pain away. So, now I only use OTC medications. When I initially went to the pain clinic, it seemed so nice that they would prescribe something that actually worked! But, I became, non-functionable. Narcotics can be cunning & lure you in initially, then you're stuck. dolsgirl