What is your worst flare up..how long did it last?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jordane, May 12, 2009.

  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I am going thru a really bad *flare up* with my chronic fatigue. 3wks,so far... of...being in bed...vomiting..hurting..hot/cold..etc....

    No wonder depression goes hand in hand wth these dd!!!:>(

    What is your worst and longest thus far??

  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Jordane

    Sorry to hear about your flare.
    Hard to say whats the worst because just when I think Ive had it and no way can this pain get worse IT DOES!

    Right now mine length is 6months and still going. Weather will play a big facter in mine. Now cant seem to get over the sore throat,swollen glands,hot-cold etc.

    hope you feel better soon

  3. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    the 1month i was taking cymbalta "flared" me up to full blown CFS until today 1 year later. i went to the doctor's complaining of disabling fatigue and leave with cymbalta and all the symptoms of full blown CFS one month later that never went away. I tried telling the doctor that it wasn't all in my mind, but he didn't believe me. So look at me now dr huang.
  4. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hello Jordane,
    Sorry you are in such a flare. I pray for things to let up for you ....

    mine 4 months..... and when it finally let up.. I cought myself thinking . was it real or just in my head.. I know its real but wow . what a Diff..
    I always am doing the hot cold thing . that never seems to let up..
    and the days that I;m not in a flare seem far a few.
    I know I push myself to far and that does not help.. I am trying to learn my limits still and as you know they change all the time. I don;t really get anything done after work . so really its just hard. and I prob should not be working .. but don;t have much choice right now.

    Just remember your not alone. . Sof huggles. .. I hope it lets up even if just a little .

    Spirit., :)
  5. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I HOPE *YOU* feel better soon....this dd really really sucks doesn't it!!!! :>(

    hugs, Jordane
  6. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Some Dr's just don't get it!!!! Why would we *want* to feel so bad!!!!!

    I tried the Cymbalta...it did nothing for me...but didn't help either.

    Bless you!
  7. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    You know I have come to the conclusion that this DD is just one big flare..if I get to feeling a little better...feel I have a reprieve for a bit...bang...it is there all over again, so maybe the *better times* is the flare!!

    I have been in bed 3 wks this time... so far ... it feels never ending...and a lot of it isn't!!!

    Here beside you hun in understanding!!! Thanks for the huggles!!!

    Take Care!!

  8. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hello Jordane,

    I hope today is a little better.. I know what you mean honey .. never ending with this DD

    it truly wears on you , It seems harder and harder to tell if the flare ever stops anymore. I feel your pain ... and pray it lets up . :)

    I wanted so much to call out of work today .. I hurt all over . and well its geting me down to say the least. I'm sure you understand ..

    I have been looking for little things in my life latley . the butterfly . the lizard in my garden. the sunrise. all these things seem to give me streanth.. funny I know . But I figure thats God Saying " hang in there honey " I love you " .. sorry I'm crying now..

    I know the change in weather has a lot to do with this Flare, its geting pretty hot here in Phoenix AZ.. I don;t do well in the heat..

    Jordane, hang in there honey .. and Rest as much as you can.. please don;t worry about the little things.. or the things we can;t change. know you are not alone and there are people that do understand just what you are going through.. you are loved .

    Soft Huggles my dear... keep in touch . :)

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