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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by livin4him, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. livin4him

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    I have found since being sick that it is hard to play with my cats. So, I ordered some movies for them. The best one so far is by Mewvie - Backyard Buffet, Episode 1. My youngest cat absolutely loves it. He is always pawing at the TV trying to catch him a squirrel or sparrow. It has great animals sounds. When his movie is not playing, he goes and sits at the tv now waiting for it. When I get a picture of him doing it, I am going to post it on here.

    Another thing I have found to keep him entertained is the fishing pole for cats, it is made just for cats. It has a mouse with feathers on the end. I throw it into some plain tissue paper (from dollar store) and he loves it. This way, I can sit in my chair and play with him.

  2. cjr2003

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    I think it's just wonderful that you think about ways to keep playing w/ your cats even though your sick! You are a true animal lover, huh? I will have to look into this video! Thanks for sharing! LOL Carla
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    My cat goes crazy when she sees us bring out the happy face laser pointer. She just loves it. Something happened to our other plain laser pointer and I have a feeling it is down under the sleep sofa.

    Anyway we have more toys than a store here. She really likes feathers on a fishing pole and crumpled paper and sticking a pole under a piece of carpet, or any type of boxes.

    Biscuit loves to be combed with a human comb too and she has her own. :)

    Faye =^,,^=

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