what kind of doctor for adrenal malfunction?

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    Do I see my endocrinologist for this type of testing, or will they just do routine blood testing and rule out problems? I saw a dr a while ago who said I might have a problem but money became an issue and I couldn't see him anymore, and we never got around to testing anything........

    Which kind of doctor has tested all of your adrenal ... stuff?
  2. jaltair

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    Yes, your endocrinologist can do the testing. Let him know you are concerned about adrenal malfunction and he'll probably run tests to check it out.

    Also, check out the National Adrenal Diseases Foundation, at 505 Northern Boulevard, Great Neck, N.Y. 11021, (516) 487-4992. They produce a quarterly newsletter, "N.A.D.F. News," with information about developments relating to adrenal disorders. Good resource. Not sure what the charge is now.

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    I think it's highly unlikely that an endocrinologist will help you with adrenal issues. They seem to treat only life-threatening conditions, and state openly that they do not "believe in" adrenal fatigue. Endocrinology textbooks do not discuss the topic.

    for a start, try doing a user search for bigmama2

    she talks about adrenals a lot, and looking at her posts should lead you to threads where this topic has been discussed.

    Best, Lisa

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    Agree with Lisa. Endos are pretty much useless when it comes to adrenals (other than addisons) as well as helping us FMers and CFsers in general (that is treating us with low normal or high normal or at the cusp of ranges). I am sure there are some exceptions as with everything in life, but in general, absolutely uuuuuuuselss!

    I will be making a separate post later so I can vent a little after I saw another Endo a few days ago.


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    You can register at canaryclub.org and request a saliva test from Diagnostechs for $141. It measures thyroid, cortisol, DHEA, sex hormones.

    Check out stopthethyroidmadness for more information.

    A good doctor, according to them, is one that says upfront that they will prescribe Armour thyroid if needed, and they will treat you for symptoms rather than rely slavishly on test results.