What kind of Dr treats your DD??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrotina1, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. fibrotina1

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    Hi... I am in desperate need of finding a doctor for treatment of my FMS/CFS. Right now all I have is my primary doctor, who has helped but is at a standstill right now. I've seen countless rheumatologists in my area, all only wanting to treat allergies. I think I have more things going on and need more testing but my doctor doesn't seem to think so. I feel like he is holding me back in a way...ya know. I am looking for info on what kind of doctor do you get the most helpful treatments and tests from. Please don't go off on a tangent about my primary doctor, if need be I will find another one, but would prefer to find a different kind of doctor.

    thank you all
  2. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    Rheumy! They work in the same building and use laptops for the patient files so they always know what the other is doing. Ive had my Pc since he started his practice and been seeing this rheumy for about a yr. Im still not sure if the rheumy trusts me as much as my dr, but they do work on me together.

  3. cbella

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    that I try to do as much research as I can since the docs don't know much more then the latest research either. When I see my primary doc he always asks me if I found anything new for treatment? But I'm lucky, he's very receptive to me. A friend gave me a book called Fibromyalgia and Chronic myofascial pain syndrome - a survival manual by d. Starlanyl, md and mary ellen Copeland, ms ma and it has a great deal of information about the pain locations, etc and I know now that that's exactly what I have and I will try to live with it and do massages, walk, and take pain meds so I can do these things. Good luck cb
  4. chloeuk

    chloeuk New Member

    I have seen a rheum,he said I should see an immunologist, I have had problems with my immune system, I had pustular psoriasis and a bout of psoratic arthritis and this is my 3rd flare of what the rheum thinks is cfs, I have also been referred to a cardiologist as one of my worst symptoms is tachycardia, dizziness etc.
  5. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    I had a lot of luck with a pain doctor. He seemed pretty knowledgeable about fibro. I haven't seen him in some time, but will be going that route again soon.


  6. fibrotina1

    fibrotina1 New Member

    I think my next route may be a pain doctor... I have my next appointment with my primary doctor in May so I will have a lot to discuss with him.

    Thank you all!!

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