What kind of massage?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klarry, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. klarry

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    Last week I tried acupuncture for the first time, but gained no benefit, and actually have been feeling worse ever since. Now the doctor has sent me to a massage therapist. She is skilled in many forms of massage. Since the last time I had serious massage it was Swedish massage, I am wondering if you all have specific recommendations for me. Thanks so much for your help. I don't see the therapist until next Tuesday.
  2. Seagull

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    My massage therapist does myofascial trigger point release and fibromyalgia tender point massage therapies (I have fibromyalgia secondary to chronic myofascial pain, which is a real tricky combination to treat successfully).

    It takes her several minutes of gentle stroking-type massage to get my muscles to relax enough for her to work on them. The treatments are very intense and can be extremely painful, especially when she is working on a particularly large knot, but the relief afterwards is great and usually lasts for several hours for me. She does try to be as gentle as possible, but my condition is so deep and chronic from years of the wrong type of PT treatments, that I tell her not to worry about the intensity and just reduce as many of the knots as she can.

    I guess it's the British in me coming out, but I know that the methods she uses are needed for me to feel any kind of relief, so it is worth it to me to endure the treatments. I highly recommend this type of massage therapy for anyone suffering from fms or cmp.

  3. klarry

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    When I received Swedish massage some years ago, the therapist did very deep massage, often using his elbows on pressure points. I always felt worse the day after I received the massage, but then I would feel better for a very significant amount of time. I thought it was great.
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    I receive myofascial release, it keeps me away from the pain pills Fondly, June
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    A combination of Lymphatic massage and Swedish massage would be good.