What kind of MD will help myofascial pain, please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, May 12, 2006.

  1. Chelz

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    Hello everyone,

    Along with having fibromyalgia, TMJ,and bulging disks in my back, I strongly believe I have a bad case of active myofascail trigger points.

    I work in medical records in a local hospital and with this job comes a lot of over exertion, bending, twisting, and lifting. I know this is the WRONG job for me, but it is all I have for the moment.

    I have been having abdominal pains along with pain in the hips, and upper thighs. I was starting to believe that I might have endometriosis, but I have very regular and shorter periods which usually isn't the case with endometriosis. Unfortunately, I can't exercise the way I used to because of the heavy work I do at my job, the extra exertion is killing me.

    What is interesting is that whenever I do any kind of excessive exercise, which for me can be just walking too fast, I get low back, abdominal, thigh and sometimes vaginal pain. I'm beginning to think this is myofascial pain syndrome. I do not currently have a rheumatologist since all they do is prescribe medications which I can't take because of extreme sensitivity to them and side effects. Is there any kind of doctor I can contact about myofascial pain and what can I do about it. Exercise used to be such a great thing for me, but now my body is experienceing a terrible intolerance to it because of the lower abdominal and low back tightness and spasms that I am getting.

    Sorry so long, I have a hard time trying to get to the point. I am suffering so much right now, and I can't even exercise to help relieve the stress. Can anyone help with this. Thanks, Chelz.
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    Some rheumatologists do deal with myofascial pain and will do injections for it. However, your best bet is to find a good physio or massage therapist who is experienced in dealing with this.

    You can help yourself with The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. Several here have posted about using this book.

    Good Luck.
  3. Cakedec

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    I go to a cervical specific chiropractor who had a dinner with a former patient speaking who had severe myofascial pain. He suffered so that he was contemplating suicide. After getting several adjustments, his pain lessened and gradually faded away. Now he is a spokesperson for cervical specific treatment because he said he wouldn't be here today without it.

    I think that they have a website on cervical specific chiropractors that you could do a search for. These are chiropractors trained specifically in cervical adjustment (which affects your whole body). They helped me get rid of my all day everyday migraine headaches. They also have a good record with helping TMJ.

    Worth a try.

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    I see a pain management specialist for my fibro/osteoarthritis and myofascial pain. He was actually the one who just last month dianosed me with CFIDS as well!

    He did whats's called SI injections (sacro illeac sp? injections) into my lower hip/buttocks area to help with the horrid pain, spasming and twitching in my lower back, hips and buttocks. He also prescribed medication and physical therapy.

    I have also gone to a great chiropractor when I didn't have the money for the SI injection co-insurances & as at my chiro's I just have to pay the office visit copay. He did great adjustment work on my lower back and hip areas always follwed by moist heat therapy and recommened myofascial release massage which while a little more expensive than regular massage is well worth and feels wonderful! I was up and about two days later feeling nearly 100% better after the myo-fasc release massage. You can usually check the yellow pages under massage and see which modalities/bodywork types they offer such as reiki, swedish, myo-fascial release, etc. The massage benefits are temporary but for me usually lasted two weeks on average.

    Hope you find something that works well for you!
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