What kind of tattoos do you have?...budmickl everyone

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  1. painterZ

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    Budmickl...I've been thinking about what my next tattoo will be for a while now and I just don't quite have what I want in mind, yet. So far I only have two, one on my ankle with my daughter, Zoe's, name and an ankh above that. The ankh is a symbol of life, and Zoe means life in greek. In case you forgot her birth mom had AIDS and Zoe was born HIV+. She sero-converted and is negative now...Yea!! My other tattoo is on my outer thigh. It is a big blue heart with a razor cutting it open with the words "I am human and I need to be loved...just like everybody else does" around it. (lyrics by Love Spit Love) It's a little morbid, I know, but I used to be a really big cutter and I needed something to keep those actions and feelings contained so that I could try to leave that behavior behind. Honestly, I didn't think it hurt that much, but like I said, the cutting thing can increase your pain tolerance.

    So what tattoo do you have? Maybe I could talk you into another (small) one...ha ha.

    What kind of ink is everyone else sporting? Do you remember it hurting much?


  2. budmickl

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    A pink pig with wings. It's on my left leg, on the outside above the ankle. I'll put a pic in my profile.

    I am looking for a nice small scorpion if I do another one. I'm not sure where to put it though.

  3. Popsickle

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    Budmickl, your tattoo sounds nice. I have a bird on my shoulder blade.
    Just because I like birds. It really hurt though.
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    I have a 27 year old heart on the inside of my ankle. It's grown faded so I'm going to have it reworked into a lotus with roots trailing down.

    Peace out,

  5. Greenbean7

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    My first was a beautiful yellow rose on my tummy. I got it when my ex and I were seperated, it was a rebellion thing. Then when we got back together I had some words written around it and his name added.

    So that is either one or two depending on how you're counting.

    A few years later I had my Paradise Island done on the outside of my right ankle.

    So, two or three, again depending on how you're counting!

    After my husband died and I remarried I had a beautiful Chinese dragon done around the rose to cover the words. The artist designed it and it is really bright colors.(My DH liked to tell people it said "property of Hell's Angels, Oakland Chapter". But it did bother him to have another man's name there).

    So that's either three or four. Since three of them are all in one spot and one covers up another I usually just say I have two. However, it did take 4 trips to the tatoo parlor to get them done!


    Choose joy!
  6. Fmandy

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    I have some military "stuff". One on each shoulder.

    Budmickl I loved your "pink pig with wings"..... So kewl :)
    and really done well. You used a webcam to pic it though, didn't you? LOL.....

    Mine were done many years ago, but I had a Lady who was quite famous in our little community where I used to live, to redo mine.

    Well, I was not impressed with her shop...I may have got some buggers from her needles. I really questioned her on how she kept them clean.

  7. kholmes

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    I've never had a real tattoo, but I once rode a motorcycle to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the bike rally, and I got a fake tattoo of a scorpion put on my uppper right arm!

    It lasted about three days and then washed off.
    Oh, well.

  8. budmickl

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    Yes, I had to use the web cam because my digi died. Web cam isn't too clear, obviously!

  9. I have a red rose, with black tribal around it, on my left hip (my first one, Tattoo Charlie's, Louisville, Ky.)

    On my left hip, I have a small black scorpion, with a 'chinese moon' behind it, (an orange circle, basically, LOL)

    Around my belly button, I have 2 sets of wings that go all the way around (think Harley Davidson) in purple & blue. It and the scorpion were done at (?) Uncle 'Bill's"(?) tattoo, in Salem, Indiana..

    The 4th and last one, I have, I got done at "touch of a feather Ink" in San Antonio, Tx...while stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, and it's on my right shoulderblade, and is a beautiful blond haired cherub, with a pink sash, and with one hand outstretched, there is a bluebird at it's fingertips..

    I haven't gotten one since age 21, (LOL 4 tats in 2 yrs,!) but have been thinking, often about a new one.. I keep mine in areas that aren't seen, as my mother, and pretty much allll family, in-laws, etc HATE tattoos..lol..

    Doctors- I've gotten compliments from OR nurses, some docs, and my PRIMARY doc, said once..though, may have changed her mind now, I don't know/don't care, LOL "I'm suprised, you just don't seem like the "type" (OMGGGG that phrase pi$$es me OFF-uhh- 'stereotype MUCH???) to have a tattoo...she then eventually saw all 4....or at least 3 of them, through the 7 yrs of treating me, LOL.

    Thanks for this post!


  10. budmickl

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    I would love to see a picture of your tat! I have been toying with the idea of getting another one and want it to be something with my 2 daughters and my represented in it. I saw a cool one on the gal who does my nails, but your's sounds neater.. For one thing, I prefer dogwood blooms to roses.

    Oh yeah, I ws 48 yr when I got mine.


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