What kinds of food do you eat

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsaddenedspirit, May 13, 2009.

  1. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    have a question...
    I have been trying to eat more healthy for the last year . and was wondering what kinds of foods every eats...

    work week diet :
    Breakfast ::: Soup , tomato or cream of mushroom with about three sateen crackers
    Lunch : cucumber sandwich , or tomato sandwich .
    or salad with a few crackers . wheat .

    mid day snack : fruit

    for awhile I was eating a lot of Tuna. and my husband said he was concerned about all the mercury in it . so I kind of back off from the Tuna.. as heavy metals is a concern..

    Dinner... just a normal meal ... hamburgers with green chili. or .spaghetti, p\or chops with potatoes . you know guy food. with the dinners ,I like to have a veggie and I eat more veggies than anything.. I have to say I like potatoes. though..

    I try not to make package meals . or stuff with MSG , and all the other bad stuff they put in there to presearve it.

    anyway looking for idea's
  2. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    I eat quite a bit of chicken and tons of fruits/veggies.
    Red meat is craved, I eat some but think it makes
    Fibro meaner at times, like body has to work harder to digest..
    Just theroy.
  3. debilyn

    debilyn New Member

    This is what a normal work day's food looks like for me:

    breakfast = organic nonfat, plain yogurt w/organic berries and some Kashi go Lean

    lunch = organic veggie salad w/ tiny bit of dressing

    snack = fiber one bar

    dinner = bowl of frozen yogurt or organic popcorn with olive oil

    snack = something sweet

    I eat pretty healthfully until dinner. By time I get home from work, I am so exhausted and hurt so badly that I crave sweets. Not only that but the thought of a heavy dinner or a dinner with some kind of meat makes me feel like I want to hurl.

  4. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    debilyn your day and choice in foods sounds very similar to mine!

    breakfast: either organic yogurt with granola or honey, protein shake, or a kashi protein bar

    lunch: salad with olive oil

    dinner: salad or chicken with veggies

    snack: veggie chips, or handful of popcorn

    i drink a TON of tea (absolutely no coffee unless its a treat once in a while) in between my meals and really think that it helps me get through the day. I usually switch it up between green tea, milk thistle tea, pau d'arco, and tulsi tea.. I think they've really helped with my digestive issues as well.

    i also started with something called "greens to go" and "acai to go" which to me is like energy in the bottle and the best two things I've ever bought. I saw it at a store once and the lady recommended it, it's like the crystal lights that you just add to water, with barely any calories but a lot of nutrition.

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  5. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    It varies for me, this morning I had a scrambled egg with green peppers
    yesterday it was sushi for dinner and thai tom yum kai soup for lunch
    i love all foods but i stay away from too much gunk but i do drink coffee
    the consistent thing i do with this illness is that i eat way smaller portions than i normally would because i can't do heavy aerobic exercise
  6. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    I have gained weight due to meds and lack of excercise because I hurt so bad. I really need to lose a lot of weight. My rhuemy is telling me if I lose the weight the fm will get better. please if any of you have suggestions on a diet to lose a lot of weight please tell me about it. I need to get thin to feel better about me. I do not like me being sick so the least I can do for me is to look better in my clothes. I have people tell me you are so pretty in the face but you need to lose some weight and I would be beautiful. Let me know about a diet if any have suggestions I would love to know.
  7. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I have the acid reflux/GERD bad, so I try to eat bland foods. White rice, plain salmon, chicken, fruit. Anything plain. But once in awhile, I do indulge. I made baklava today.
  8. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    Dietary supplement, plus B-complex and C
    T-lite toss out their diet plan if you don't want to follow a plan but drink the water like it says and eat decent foods..
    It made me feel better after just 3 days, even said to friends " I'm Back..."
    In about 6 days the soda craving, sugar craving stopped and I wanted water instead...Lost about 4 to 5 pounds in a week and energy increased dramatically.
    I doubt you'll have regrets trying it.
    Oh, and warm ginger baths of course and maybe alittle weed at tough times or restless sleep fix....
    Good luck with what ever you do...
  9. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Thank you all for your responces. .greatly appreciated .
    gives me idea's ..
    I too have really bad Gerd and Acid reflux.
    I do still drink Coffie .. I know I should give it up , and drink a Soda alomst every day ... a no carb no suger soda.. but still ...
    also I to have gained a lot of weight.. Lyrica . weight gain. about 15-20 lb now. I don;'t feel good in my body anymore. and have had to buy new cloths. can't handle jeans they hurt my skin so it has to be soft cloths.
    I really don't see Lyrica as doing much for me , as I am having to take more and more pain meds.
    Diet ... should we cut out Carbs ? Bread I love .
    I am enjoying salid more and more.. it's like my body craves it, rahter than fatty foods. even though I do love a hamburger with Green chili and some wine while cooking ... The Wine burger. ( we got the idea from a Bar we like to eat at on weekends. ) so i don't have to cook or do dishes. LOL..
    I do enjoy a lot of vegies. but get board at times.
    I have been eating smaller portions , and added in a couple of snacks during the day. as the Lyrcia seems to make me hungrey all the time.
    I look froward to more ideas
    also I have to admit I do enjoy a beer on Occ. but have been thinking wine would be better,but it goes to my head faster. ... mind you I don;t drink like I used to a few years ago... I just don;t enjoy it so much any more . except a couple days a week my husband and I like to relax with a beer and a movie . is this bad ? ( prob going to say yes right ? )

    look forward to more ideas ... thank you again...

    Take care all... Spirit

  10. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    My diet is changing. I am putting my five year old on the glueten and casien free diet so my diets slowly altering as well. Maybe it'll help me too.
  11. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Thanks for all the Good info.... the Scramble sounds good. I happen to love eggs !

    I tend to eat my apples with Cheese , and love with peanut buter , but am not sure if this is diet aware ( loss of words there sorry)

    I would love to try geting away from the bread, I think it , as you said is a sponge, bothers my Gerd I think. and of cource Carbs , I woudl like to control the amount I consume .
    Rice tortilla's sound good really .

    I do buy rice cakes . did not notice MSG , but will be looking closer I had no idea . I try to stay away from MSG as much as I can. (
    my daughter has a sever allergic reaction to it. physiological affects and mood, pain sleepless ness. ect. )

    I prob do eat to much fruit. like you said sugar. I need to remind my self that .

    Really helpful. thank you
  12. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member


    Yumm home made Baklava .. to die for , I'll stop by later ok... LOL...

  13. tennisnut

    tennisnut New Member

    Well, we all strive and struggle to find answers. You all may as well have the benefit of my spending. My Naturopath recommended "high protein", therefore LOW carb. I have followed it religiously for several years, and I seem to be doing better than many I read about here, not too much pain, but poor energy.
    Breakfast, egg, pumpkin seeds, tea - if I want toast, a half a slice of wholegrain bread. Lunch, any meat, fish, canned fish, salad, small cheese, nuts. Dinner: the usual meat and veg. So NO sweet food or drink, very small fruit or none, plus fish oil. My digestive system is good. TN
  14. hi all,
    im on a low income,so i basically stick with the foods i can afford,and am familuar with.

    im lucky in that asda/wallmart have a whole range of foodstuff that state they are free of artificial colours,presevatives and additives.this has been a godsend to me as i have sensitivities to things in certain foodstuff.

    so for breakfast ill have own brand museli.i will add a tablespoon of mixed seeds (including pumpkin seeds),that i buy from a fresh fruit and vegatable store.these are rich in omega 3,s.ill have 2 cups of coffee too.breakfast is at 7am.

    mid day snack at 12. (before going to work) i cup of pre boiled water with ginger root in it.

    a ham sandwich with lettuice.one peeled pear.and take my calcium tablets with it.i might eat a banana too.

    when i get home from work 6.15pm ive have a small dinner.

    this could be steamed cod fish,two medium sized potatoes,garden peas,turnip,carrot brocolli,colliflower.

    or it might be

    chicken,chips baked beans ,boiled egg.lettuice.

    i might have grilled bacon,waffle cooked in the oven,egg,peas/or beans.tinned tomatoes.

    ill eat a handfull of mixed nuts too.

    i dont eat big meals as im finding they move about through my intestines while im in bed.i hate those feelings.every little gut movement n i feel it lol.

    i do like a toasted teacake on occasions but as i said before i stick with the additives free range.

    i like beefburgers but the onion that most contain,doesnt agree with my guts,at times.

    so far im able to retain food in my body for longer (no messy bowel actions),and this i feel is giving me added energy.

    if you have a drink with your meal,drink it after the meal not during,it sends the meal on its way better.and pass the wind freely..i do.lol.

    love fran
  15. slowdreamer

    slowdreamer New Member

    Am starting to use this approach as it explains a lot of past probs and provides solutions e.g. soak your raw nuts in salted water to deactivate enzymes which inhibit our digestion..similar ideas with grain
    It is based on reasearch gleaned from traditional communities with few health problems.
    Plenty of info if you google and there is a good book of explanations and recipes available from Amazon
    Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

    Looking at the above diets there aremany things there i couldn't eat so I guess my sensitivities are pretty severe.

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