What kinds of Meds for Fibro????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LadyDragon, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. LadyDragon

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    I am gathering research to review with my doc on next visit. We need to modify my meds, and he would like to have input from others (can u believe it!!!) who also have fibro. Thanks!!!!
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    Everyone is different so I can only speak for myself.

    For me, Flexeril has been a blessing. All others I have tried can be flushed down the toilet as far as I am concerned. I have tried just about everything nonnarcotic for the pain...right now I am taking Sudlinac. It seems to take the edge off. i was very pleased with Ultracet when I was taking that but it was too expensive for me.
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    I am now on vicodin and flexiril. Before that ultracet but it finally quit working then I hit a huge flare and changed to current meds. Not sure how long they'll leave me on vicodin though. I was able to cut the vocodin to half dose 2x/day. I had wanted enough to do one midday but doc didn't agree to that.
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    I am presuming these are pain meds you are requesting. I have been taking statex (morphine) for several years. I was taking very large doses at one time and now am down to 50 mg. four times a day. Along with all of my other aches and pains, I have facial neuralgia or maybe it's myofacial....who knows, but at the time when I underwent dental, oral surgeon, root canal, neurological testings galore that is what it was named. I have been taking Topamax since last August, 100 mg. at bedtime. It was starting to help my migraines. My pain specialist has recently added 100 mg. Topamax in the morning too, I am just in the process of reaching 75 mg., as I started at 25 mg. and have been increasing 25 mg. each week. I take celexa every morning for depression. Sleeping is a big issue for me, sometimes clonazepam works and most of the time it doesn't. I hope this has been of some help. I would be curious to know what your doctor recommends for you, if you wouldn't mind letting me know. Thanks so much,

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    Vicodin, Soma and Vistril on a regular basis, usually 3 x's a day.

    I don't take them for just FMS tho. I take the Vicodin for Orhtopedic Pain, the soma's for my IBS and CMP. The vistril is for the Histimine problem that I get, now that one you could say was for FMS, a lot of FMS PT's have itching problems. It also helps with anxiety and boots the Vicodin so I don't have to take more than the 3 a day.

    FoR Sleep and Anxiety, I take Xanax, I tried Klonipin, but it dosen't work, wire's me instead, same with sleeping pills.

    I have other's but I usually end up throwing them out, even tho it lloks like i like to take pill's, i don't and my doctor's know that, but we also use other treatments too.

    For me it's Pain that keeps me from getting the rest I need, and then lack of sleep can cause the Pain to be worse, and of course good old Fibro Fog.

    Glad your Dr. is interested in your treatment, and working with you. Tht's a big step in getting better. Yeah for you.

  7. southstars_tat2s

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    I take: 50mg Trazodone, 20mg Celexa, 10 mg Flexeril 3x day.
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    The more research I do, the more intelligent a conversation I can have with my doctor and the better care I can get. We don't always come to the correct decision, but we can always change things later, and it is usually easier to recognize that we need to change things when I am educated about what is going on. Good for you.
    My main problems, in this order, are Migraines, fibro muscle aches and joint pains, and sleep problems. Ihad TMJ, irritable bowel, and sinus problems, but they are gone now. For the migraines, which were getting steadily worse and my neuro and I had tried almost everything to prevent them that he had just about given up...I was getting four a week. Not cool. We tried Topamax, which I could not afford, but I was accepted for patient assistance. They have been much less severe (60-70%) and fairly less frequent 30-50% so I consider that quite a success considering nothing has worked nearly this well and I am not up to my final dose yet of 200 mg BID.
    For the fibro muscle aches and pains, I have been on ultram. I was on ultracet (free samples)but I wanted to avoid the tylenol to avoid rebound headache issues. Also got patient assistance. Very effective until recently. Expect to go back to it.
    I am on the controversial but I think completely legitimate guaifenesin protocol by Dr. St. Amand, administered by a doctor trained directly by him. I have been "mapped", the hard, lumpy sore spots in my muscles are slowly leaving my body. So that adds Guaifenesin to the drug list. I am going through a particularly painful "reversal flare" during which my knee and hip joints particularly hurt more so than they have in years. Veterans of the protocol, especially older folks (I am only 32) say that this is the worst stage of the whole healing process, and not everyone goes through this. So my doctor has given me a limited supply of narcotics for the short term, and I expect to be better in one or two months. I have also added Neurontin to help with the pain, and it does help. I have been on the protocol for 15 months and am quite a lot better than I was last year, with the exception of the migraines.
    The third problem is sleep. Elavil and flexeril, separately, worked for a short while but lost their effectiveness after a short time. I have been on Klonopin for close to nine months now and it looks like it will be to stay. The neurontin seems to be helping with the sleep as well.
    Topamax 200mgBID Neurontin 300mgTID Klonopin 1 to 1.5mg at bedtime Guaifenesin 600mg BID Ultram 50mg prn Various triptans, whatever samples are available prn migraine also phenergan 50 mg or compazine 10 mg prn nausea for migraine

    To Kredca4,
    Have you ever used Neurontin? It sounds like this med might help you with some of your pain and sleep issues.

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    I had severe migraines with fibro and I was finally given Max-alt 10 mg and it completely took care of them.
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    Thanks for the advise, but I have been on the Neurontin/Gabitril before and it didn't work for me at all, and I found it made my jetter's worse.

    I went to a Neurologist one time about 2 years ago, I told him what meds I wa on, and what I had tried and didn't work, I said that the Neurontin didn't work. So he say's well I'll put you on Gabitril then, I dropped him like a Hot Patato, he didn't Know they are the same. sheesee.
    All he had to do was check his PDR, which I have, plus there are website's that can give out Information on Newer Meds. He wanted to Operate too, so he just wanted the bucks, he had no real knowledge of CMP/FMS/OA/IBS, and etc. etc. you know?

    I'm Happy with my Med's, I have been on them for quite awhile now, and my Life has improved greatly, but thanks for thinking of me. I've been at this for a number of years, and even tho, I found what helps the most, I do Research other Treatment's, Herb's,Supplement's, etc.
    new med's. So far I'm doing just fair to Middling, but with Hopes of feeling Great Some day. ;o>

  12. talshiar

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    I've got a great doctor in San Francisco who has me on:
    Vicodin (pain) or
    Motrin (pain)
    Skelaxin (muscle relaxer)
    Prozac (anxiety)
    Sonata (sleep)
    Tylenol PM (sleep)
    I've also just started on Guaifenesin.
  13. Cara-Sue

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    hmm i think i must be in the wrong country or something.the only thing i take is amitrityline 20mg to help me sleep,cause i dont do anything else for me,and occasionaly bentylol 20mg for ibs(which works realy good)(over the counter)i have heard from a couple of my fibro friends that went to pain management clinics that pain relief only makes the pain worse.the one time i did ask my dr for more pain relief as i was coping well told me he wouldnt touch me untill i was up to 2000mg of amit.a day.the dr i have now doesnt even acknowledge fibro.no wonder i am not doing well with fibro,i must be undermedicated?what should i do about it?
  14. Tibbiecow

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    Do you need a real doctor?
    I hope you are doing OK. We don't need meds for problems we don't have, and we don't all need to take pills, pills, pills. But we ought to have doctors who A) believe that fibro is a real disease, and treat us for it and B) believe that we do have pain. Real pain. Pain that HURTS. Doctors are beginning to be taken to court for undertreatment of their patients' pain. Some people with fibro have a nice high pain tolerance and get by OK. But I sure don't! I'm new to neurontin, a non narcotic anti seizure med which turns down the pain threshhold for some people. Awesome. Keeps me out of my pain meds. Cool. Anyway, see Layinglow's post "I found A New Doc", and maybe get on the phone. Be brave and quit paying this guy for "treating" you for a disease that he doesn't believe exists.
    My doctor's parents were both MDs. He has fibro and so does his wife. He is the most compassionate doc I have ever had. I don't have to tell you he believes in fibro. HELLOOOO! He lives it. I hug him when I leave.
  15. IndigoSC

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    Out of curiosity, how did you get rid of your TMJ problems??? I've had this ever since I had braces on my teeth when I was a teenager (and before having the fibro). My jaw won't open and close smoothly, and is always popping and always hurts...my mouth even gets stuck open sometimes when I yawn and I have to physically close it with my hands (it's embarrassing and painful too...) I had a dentist make me a plastic guard-type thing to wear at night, but I don't actually grind my teeth at night and the guard just made my jaw hurt worse....

    About meds for fibro... I am on Soma 4 X's a day and Elavil at nighttime. Although, I can't say that they help a lot for pain. I've never found a doctor that will give me meds for pain though, so I just have to deal with the pain as best as I can for now. I was on that Neurontin for about 8 months and it never did anything to help at all. It might help some people though. I would also like suggestions as to how to tell a dr. that you need meds for pain or I guess convince him that I actually have pain.
  16. Cara-Sue

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    thanks for your message.i hope nobody thought i was being bitchy.i have just realized since i got on this board that i do really have to change the way things are.dr's are very hard to find in my area.i dont live in a big city but a village.the last dr i had,when i went with some smpytems told me it was all in my head.the one i have now just doesnt talk about it.buti told my husband last night it is time to go back to him and really talk about it with him.alot of it is my fault too becouse i hate asking for help but i am not coping as i am so i guess i had better get help.thanks so much
  17. Tibbiecow

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    We do NOT hear you bitching, we hear you realizing that you are not receiving adequate care and we want to help you find help.
    Take your husband to your next appointment and I bet he sees that your doc is not treating you adequately.
    Call around in the nearest big town to the rheumys or other internists. Ask the receptionists if the doc has fibro patients, if he has success with them and in general what he treats them with and how he treats them. Ask to talk to the nurse. You will get somewhere with a good practice. You will get brushed off by those offices that you don't want to go to until you "hit one out of the park", and find a doc worth trying. A 2 or 3 hour drive is worth it.
    Nobody's a bitch around here with the exception of the dork who got banned from the website the other day claiming to be a private investigator filming fibro people up and doing things so their SSDI claims could be denied.
  18. Cara-Sue

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    you are right.i guess i havent had much luck with the dr's so i had given up.you wouldnt believe what i have put up with.anyways i will try to get thru to see someone.there is a real shortage of dr's in ontario.but i will go back to the one i have now one last time.it's funny cause when i saw the ruemy that told me that i "only" had fibro he told me nothin else i can do for you just take 3 advil 4X a day.i then was sent to a athritic society class which is awful for me to go to cause first i didnt remember how t get there and two i have social axiety so i was very nervous.anyways all they basically told us is not to vacuum.but the one thing they said over and over is pain pills do not work.but as far as i'm concerned this taking only advil isnt working either.thanks for listening.i have learned more on this site then i have since i learned this was what i had.thanks a million!