What makes a Dr. a LLMD

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    I am a little confused as to what makes a Dr. a LLMD. I guess my doc is not considered one even though all he treats is CFIDS and Fibro, also his patients with Lyme.

    I do want to make sure I get treated properly even though he seems to talk as if he knows what to do.

    Thanks everyone,
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    basically a LLMD is a doctor who agrees with ILADS (ilads.org) that firstly
    1) there is such a thing as chronic lyme, and
    2) more than 60 days of abx is needed for chronic lyme (and at least that for acute lyme as well)...
    3) and also recognizes the very high probability of co-infections and the unreliability of tests for all of these, and so will do trial runs of abx to see what you respond to based on your 'clinical picture', not test results alone (as negatives are way more likely than positives).

    Also, unfortunately, unless you show a herx reaction to die-off caused by abx, you are not killing lyme or its co-infections...

    hope that helps...

    (PS - edited to add the 'acute' recommendations...

    Really, the best explanation that I've heard was the comparison to strep. Strep replicates about every 20 minutes, vs Lyme/Bb's replication rate of about 28 days.

    SO, if one gave AS MUCH abx to a pt with Lyme as with strep, it meanS at least 18-24 months of abx...)

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    Great explanation, Victoria.

    To anyone reading this thread, if you are in the Illinois area (or just want to hang out and chat) I've started the Die Lyme Die Club as a yahoo group. We can share doctor info and email info there. The group has a bunch of us that were posting here already.

    The office staff of the "ONE" doctor in Illinois who treats Lyme doesn't even know what this term means "LLMD". He told me I had "Post Lyme Auto immune Disorder."

    To me that's a litmus test right there. Most "LLMDs" believe it's an under treated or improperly treated infection that's still causing symptoms.

    The other camp says it can't possibly be the infection causing symptoms because you've had Abx for 42 days. They do not consider the possibility that hypercoagulation could be the reason why Abx don't always kill the Lyme bug and other pathogens. Most IDs don't test for coinfections either.
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    I just added a bit more to the above... about acute lyme. All acute lyme pts should be re-evaluated after getting initial course of abx...