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    I just went to the restroom and glanced at my urine and it appeared to look this cloudy, not as clear as what it typically looks like type of liquid. So what may your urine going cloudy once every while mean? It's not a consistence occurrence, but on some days. Try not to mention I don't consume enough water, because trust me, I do! Every time I have an urge to drink, I go for water, and drink It for pleasure. So you may subtract that factor.

    Also, I've noticed as I a few times a week/days, unexpectedly, when I just take a huge breath of air, somewhere located in my chest area or by the ribs, I have this instant sharp, I guess you could it this "shooting pain", near that part of my body. Oh and It's happened in my back area as well. Near the upper part.




    One more thing. It may seem as If I'm this hypochondriac person, but I'm just a concerned citizen about the nature of my body and how It functions. Maybe these are some odd behaviors my body is telling me of such, but I don't want to take any chances, so maybe someone could help me out here and tell me as to what these may mean. Can anyone tell me the state of these fingernails? For some reason, to me, they look like they get darker in color from the middle towards the lunula. Is that anything to worry yourself over? Last things! There appears to be some red lines at the end of the nail. Kinda this red strip. I have this "gut" feeling where It's telling me that's not normal. I don't know... ?:/

    Please don't advice me to go into seeing a doctor, because we, as a family, are not financially stable if you know what I mean.

    This may not be relevant about these inquires, but I am 16 years of age. A female at that.

    Thanks so much!
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    Hi there. It's a good idea to read the rules of any new board you start on. ProHealth is an adult site for people 18 years and older and not for those who are 16. ProHealth also does not provide any doctors here to answer your questions or diagnose so you are getting answers from regular members here. Be careful of answers you receive from online boards as some can be misleading. A good suggestion is to ask questions of your mom or your school nurse if you haven't already.

    Urine varies depending on foods and liquids consumed and sometimes there are cleaners put in the back of the toilet tank that will impact urine when you urinate and then look in the toilet. That you get it every so often doesn't appear to be any big concern. Research it and you will see urine varies.

    As to the sharp pain in your chest and back, particularly if you fell or got hurt in gym, the best idea is to see a doctor to examine you, probably do an x-ray and diagnose. No doctor will diagnose you over the internet.

    Actually my thumbs are darker like yours too--but when they are dark towards the tips are an indication of something. Below is the web site for the Mayo Clinic slide show on health problems with fingernails and I don't see any of your situations included. But you may wish to continue researching on your own. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/nails/WO00055

    Your mom is a good start to answer your questions. From there you can talk to your school nurse or go online to Mayo Clinic or other reputable medical sites as good research places for questions. But ultimately some problems require a doctor. Good luck.

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