What medicine and other things helped control your pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bonnie7533, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Bonnie7533

    Bonnie7533 New Member

    I was duagnoised with fibro at 15 years old and I'm now 22. I'm losing the battle against it and I need help because I can barely move anymore.
  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I am so sorry to hear you are so young and suffering with this horrile dd. I am much older and find this is the most disabiling, devastating illness. I don't won't to sound negative but with you being so young I am sure that you will find something that can help.

    I have no advise to offer, I do hope you get some good answers from others here. I have tried several different meds but can't say they helped because I am one that has all the side effects.

    This is what I take and they only take the edge off. I take xanax , bufferin, vit.d3 , calicum, magnesium and a multi-vitamin. None of these do much for pain, the only thing that helps me with pain is rest as much as I can. I also have CFS which makes exercise hard to even try.

    We all are different and what works for one doesn't the other. What does you doctor say? I went to a rheumy and he sent me home and told me to take tylenol.

    Hope you get some good answers from others,
    God Bless,


    JEANSKI New Member

    I was dx at 15 also. I am turning 30 this year. Had been sick since I was 13. I also suffer from major depressive disorder which is o' so much fun combined with this illness.

    Number one on your to do list is SLEEP. Get on meds for sleep. It can take a couple different meds to get you the proper sleep you need. Some of us need meds to GET to sleep and than to STAY asleep, without a hangover feeling in the morning! I take Remeron soltabs 45mg (rx by dr.) they help me personally. But others can take the newer type of meds like Lunesta and Ambien...talk to a doctor to find what will work for you.

    READ, READ, READ....get the book by Devin Starlanyl. Fibromyalgia and Chronic myofascial syndrome : a survivors manual. Trust me...it is the best investment you can make right now. It will help you become aquainted with EVERYTHING that is out there to manage your health care.

    Start stretching...honestly....i wish I had started as young as you are now. It would have helped a great deal. Don't overdo it..but moving those muscles is so important. If you don't it will just get worse and worse.

    Above all, don't despair. You WILL find a good helpful doctor, you WILL feel better so that you can live your day to day life. I had to quit school because of this illness (it was a really dark time for me) and NEVER thought I would be able to support myself. I moved out on my own around the age of 25 and am supporting myself financially and taking care of my health.

    I see a therapist every other week because it helps me deal with my emotions regarding this illness. It is so up and down and seems to always be changing and challenging me. She helps me focus and develop plans to deal with this. So I don't get so overwhelmed. I think finding someone to help you focus and get your head clear around all this mess is important. There is alot of information out there, it can get a bit much!

    So, #1: sleep, #2: get informed!, #3: get support, #4: don't despair!
  4. ourlife

    ourlife New Member

    I have only been diagnosed since Oct and i'm 33. I was having alot of trouble sleeping and staying asleep and getting up in the morning. I went a bought a feather mattress cover for my bed just this week and wish i had it sooner. I have slept so much better and noticed my pain isn't near as bad. If you dont have a good mattress or something it doesn't matter what you take for sleep...you are never comfortable. I dont wake up hardly at all since i bought this. Sounds crazy but try it. I even have a pillow top mattress that i thought was the best until i put this feather thing on it. My husband even loves it. It only cost me $50 but this has been the best week since i've had it..best money i've ever spent.
  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I don't know where you live but my pain doc is in Redondo Beach, Ca and is wonderful. He treats only pain patients and has many fibro patients - he is a internist also with a degree in pschology. The most compassionate doctor I have ever known.

    He has me on a drug called Subutex and it has literally put my fibro in remission. I have been on it over 3 years and am on the same dose as I started with. I spent so many years with terrible aching and pain. On my road of trying to get help several years ago, one doctor put me on MS Contin which for me, was my worst nightmare. I did not know it at the time but I was loaded with gallstones and taking drugs like MS Contin is contraindicated when you have gallbladder disease. After 9 months I had to get off the MS Contin and that is when I took Subutex because it prevents withdrawal effect when you stop opiates. (I was in no mood to taper off the MS Contin)

    I was surprised to discover Subutex stopped the fibro symptoms. I still have fibro but I never had another bed day after starting it. After surgery to have the gallbladder removed it took about a year to get really better because I had gotten so sick from that.

    If you happen to be in Callfornia, my doctor is Rick Chavez on Prospect Avenue in Redondo Beach. He is the director of pain management at Little Company of Mary in Torrance.

    I hope you find someone to help you. I did and finally have my life back. I have to admit, even after getting the pain under control, it still took quite a while to get back to any semblance of a normal life.
  6. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Oh hon- I'm sorry you're hurting so badly.

    The best advice I could give you is to find a wonderful, supportive, knowledgable Dr who is willing to find things that help you and change accordingly.

    Sleep is SO important. Make sure you get good restorative sleep. A good Dr. can help with that.

    Everyone is so different in what helps them. It's really trial and error unfortunately. If you can move, move...stretch. See what things help you feel better. REST...keep stress at bay as much as you can.

    I truly believe that the first step is finding support - a good dr. is key. Are you on any meds?
    Is your family supportive?
  7. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    this illness is very tough to deal with.

    on top of finding a good doctor (which can be a very exhausting effort, but worth it, once you do), it's very important to try and do different things for yourself.

    some things i do are: heating pads, warm baths, stretching, pain rubs (such as biofreeze or aspercreme), and if you have a loved one who is willing, massages.

    i wish you the best in finding relief.<3
  8. debilyn

    debilyn New Member

    Hi...I've been going to Dr. Holtorf in Torrance, the Fibro/CFS/Hormone group. He has helped my thyroid with bio-identical T3, but my pain keeps getting worse. What do you know about the Holtorf Group? I'm trying to decide whether to keep going or set out once again on the quest to find another new doctor.

    I live in So. Orange County, so it's not that close but not that far either.

    Thanks for any info you can share!


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