What meds can us MCS ppl take? (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Wolverine

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    Hi all. Im CFS, fybro, low immune, MCS, severe allergies to everything etc etc. 24yrs male. I have tried so so so so so many meds and sooo many of them give me terrible reactions from palpitations to severe irritability, depression, brain fog, itchiness, bad drowsiness, rash etc etc. I have 2 huge drawers full of drugs ive tried that i cant take! I have to take tiny tiny doses and im sure many of u are familiar with this scenario. Im interested to hear what you guys CAN tolerate in what doses and what actually helps! For myself, losec or zantac for acid doesnt hurt, zyrtec is fine, small doses of phenergan, buscopan for stomach cramps, spiriva for asthma, few others cant member. im doing ok so far on the third day of 50mg neurontin a night tho it leaves me very tired all the next day. MOST pain drugs dont agree with me - make me tired, sick feeling - awful digestive symptoms and musculo-skeletal pain. CANT take any morphine, codine or even paracetamol anymore! most anti-depressants make me feel weird alothough i havent tried alot - even 1mg of elavil i reeally feel the effect of! Its ok at tiny doses. I might try effexor anyone had that? Most of the cotisones make me feel AWFUL where they used to make me feel great when i was on them. hydro, fludrodort and prednisone was especially bad - made fe feel like id drunken arsnic & thought i would die. cant take most of the nausea drugs like propulsid, maxalon, stematil, zelmac etc etc. Most sleeping tablets make me feel like i cant wake up for days and feel very weak. Its a hard thing when u feel so bad and cant take the things that are sposed to help! Hopefully this post will get us all to share what DOES help and find out what we can tolerate! :)

    Bless yaz, Chris.
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    i do have MCS and it does cause me a lot of trouble.

    i avoid taking too many meds....however i can tolerate codeine and also tamezpam [don't know what that is called in OZ}.

    i have to be careful and try everything singularly to see what it does to me.

    i have trouble with generic meds as they will change the tablet fillers and some then won't work properly for me.
    Most of my sensitivies are chemicals like paint, solvents,glues....so i can't be near to fibreboard....new carpets, new almost anything....
    all pesticides...so i have to eat organic or i get sick.
    i can't be around most modern cleaning products and have to use unscented washing powders.
    Basically most of other peoples homes are highly dangerous !

    i am doing fine with armour thyroid and low dose cortisol.....but i had a nightmare trying amilytripline and now i won't try any more of those the effect was terrible.

    I understand the cause of all this new sensitivity is a toxic liver and run down adrenals.
    what do you think?

    pinkquartz [uk]