What meds do you take ??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmransom, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. fmransom

    fmransom New Member

    I have fibro,CFS,Lymes,Chromes,restless legs,bleeding ulcers
    from my ant-inflammatory medicine,back problems. I have problems with my knee's and feet. I cannot remember even little things. My brain is very fogged. problems w/depression. I stay sooo tired all the time but i push and push myself to make me move. It would be so easy to give in. This week i have started problems with incontience

    I have been on many meds. I'm on dyzide,cymbalta,lyrcia, ultram,Clonapin,Belldonna,Nexium,EntocortZanaflex. This is all i can remember right now but i know its more. The Dr. keeps changing this to that and I don't know what i'm taking sometime.

    I wander sometime if I'd better off to stop it all.
    I'm sure we've all felt that way sometimes huh ?

    The pain is so bad its hard to take. I've found that my electric blanket has been my best friend this winter.
  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I don't take meds. I refused to take the meds that doctors wanted me to. I feel 75 to 80 per cent better than a year ago.
  3. im not on any pain medication at all.i havent been on pain meds all these years of being told i have fibro/chronic fatigue syndrome.im just taking one 50mg tablet of amitripyline at 7 pm.

    i used to take it while at work,about a half hour before i left work,to travel home.but on my recent trip to have my yearly eye test,my optition said i shouldnt take the amitripyline while at work,as it slows everything down in the body..id imagine it means our thinking/muscles/everything.

    i bike ride to and from work,so it must have been the amitripyline that was causing me to not be very alert while on the bike.you know,like my reactions were effected/slower.so i take the tablet when im safely back home.

    my doctor has given me ibuprofen 400 mg,but advised me only to take one pill with or after food IF MY HEAD PAIN GETS TOO SEVERE.i have asthma and this medication makes my breathing worse,makes me have to pant to get my breath.but does ease the head pain.

    so i dont take it unless im desperately in need of it.

    my doctor also gave me colofac 135 mg tablets...also known as mebeverine..to take for the irratable bowel pain spasms.but i also only take those if im desperate.

    i eat small regular meals and cut out eating apples,and in doing so i found that the spasms are few and far between now,thank goodness.

    i eat museli for breakfast.salads that i wash myself,later in the day.and a banana EVERY DAY.im also eating carrots and kiwi fruit.

    i cant think just now what else i eat,but it,ll come to me when this head pain goes away.

    the reason i dont take pain meds (unless im forced to) is..

    i havent yet found any pill that will take away or ease the fibro pain in my body/limbs.ive had to learn to push the pain thoughts to one side,and get on with my job.

    i dont know how ive managed to do that,i just have.

    i think thats why i get tired alot,because the pain in the body is daily,and pills dont ease it.i do however find that biofreeze pain releaving gel eases the pain in my lower back and butt cheeks.it doesnt take that pain away in my wrists though.

    last night i rubbed it on my jaw area,because i was in agony with that pain.be careful if using it on the jaw,as the fumes from the biofreeze make it impossible to keep your eyes open.for a while at least.

    that roll on has been a godsend for me.

    i hope your pain eases or goes away very soon.

    kind regards
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I take about 23 prescription meds daily for all of my medical problems, but the ones out of all of these for fms/cfs are:

  5. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    I take
    Wellbuteren,Cymbalta and Buspare....for Major Depression
    I have taken a butt load of advil and can't believe my liver tests have come back normal. I also take Armour tyroid for tyroid condition and Ambien for sleep. Girl you are on so many meds I'm worried about you. I sure hope you get better. I will tell you that Ice packs work for me. I have some I got at my Chriopractors office and they are 8x10 in size. I have 4. I put them on sholders, top of head,tailbone, hips all over and sure helps me. You might try that. the thing with ice is it numbs area and treats inflamation and then when it is removed it helps blood flow rush back into area.

  6. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I seem to go on and off alot of meds all the time.

    The ones I am consistantly taking are

    Vicodin 10's - pain
    Zanaflex - pain, sleep and muscle spasms at night
    Soma - pain, muscle spasms during day
    Mirapex - RLS and general pain
    Topamax - Migraines
    Valium - for anxiety and quick relief of severe muscle spasms
    Ritalin - CFS

    I have been taking Lunesta, which works like a dream...(pun intended lol!!!). But until March 1 I can only take it off and on becaue my insurance one cover it so I buy individual pills and use them only for really bad nights. I plan to start taking it on a regular basis starting March 1.


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