What my SSA nut dr. said today:o(

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    Ok..just got back from my SSA phsyc dr. and don't know what quite what to make of it. First..I had my friend drive me there..which the dr. asked did I drive. She began to ask me about my life..which is falling apart so I said so and imediately started bawling about my suicidal tendancies,and depression,and the episodes of "cutting"..etc. She MADE me talk about my abusive childhood w/ a extremely overbearing mother who hated me..and my equally volitile marriage..She asked very little about my fibro..just asked did I cook/clean..I said no my kids do.She asked did I drive much..I said no. Mostly she wanted to know what my "episodes" consisted of and what the triggers were..and how often I get them . I said I was terrified someone would take my kids if they knew what goes on during the "episodes". I told her I hear voices and all that shit during an episode. She ended the hour long session saying she believed I was severely depressed and would benefit from councelling/medication and close watch.She said she believed my mental state to be inconsistant. Don't know what this means,but she said if I am awarded benefits..I needed to get councelling right away.Hummm...wonder if I did all the "right" things in my session?
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    It sounds like it went well enough. You were honest with her and did show her that you have some mental issues that need to be addressed. Her role in the whole SSA thing is to evaluate your mental status and how you would mentally be able to handle working full time. She seemed concerned enough about your well being that she made recommendations. I am glad you were honest with her.

    Now please tell me you are going to seek additional help? It will only help you in two ways if you can do so. First it will help your mental status and secondly, you will have documented proof that you are going to a mental health professional. If you use depression in your claim, it will do no good unless you can validate that with treatment and documentation.

    Best of luck!
    Sandy (FF)
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    I had a very similar experience, it went rather well, same sort of questions, spent much of the time as you did - bawling my head off. I felt it was very favorable experience for my case.

    However, I think her (my doc also a lady) assessment got chewed-up in the wheels of bureaucracy. I have reason to believe that she made a very compelling case for me, because she was very thorough and made very detailed notes. I also believe that the Examiner chose to ignore her assessment and made a decision against me. This was evident in the way they worded the denial letter and there was no reference at all to the psych review or any of my specific ailments in addition to CFIDS. For this I am filing a discrimination complaint with the General Cousel for the SSA (they have a special form for this, too).

    Before the decision was known to us, my husband called to tell her that I had a change in my medical condition and was on a new medication for a new disorder. We were told to do this if anything changed. She in essence refused to accept the information from us, which would have substantiated my case significantly. She said if she needed the info she would order it, but she never did. She also never sent any forms to my treating Physician who is also my PCP - only requested medical records. And even though I requested that my PCP get copies of the assessments, curiously he never received anything on her's.

    By an act of an accidental miracle I somehow fell into, I now have my State Congresswoman's staff working to help me get everything in order for my recosideration and possible appeal. They are going to order copies of my file, so SSA will definitely know that my file will be "flagged".

    Moral: Even though YOU do/did everything right, someone out there will muck it up for you - with malice and forethought!

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    I *would* get additional help *if* I had any resource to do so...no $$$= no doctor. Hopefully if I am approved..I can get help with the medicaid or medicare whatever they give me:eek:)Untill then...trying to make it one day at a time**Janet**
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    Please read my post about additional help for us while waiting for Disability approval
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    I'm getting the help for medicine,and am seeing the "free clinic". I have not had the courage to ask if the do any mental help,but will at my next appointment. I *finally* was approved for food stamps--a *whopping* $91.00 a month for a family of four:eek:) I start my parttime job in the morning..hope it goes well:eek:)
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    best of luck with the job! :)