What natural yeast killing product would you recommend

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maps1, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. maps1

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    i feel pretty stupid as i have not recognized any of the signs for candida and now i have it really badly. I had candida five years ago and did the antifungals and diet it took me six months and I vowed i would never be in that situation again.

    I never did go back to the suger or a lot of yeast products but here i am again :(

    I have been taking 20billion mixed probiotic two hours after every antibiotic dose even though they are fairly expensive i just found out they were not the kind that multiply or so they said.

    I have temporarily stopped taking the antibiotics and am currently taking an intensive probiotic 1 week treatment, when this is done i would like to use a natural easy to use (brain fog) yeast killer.

    there are so many products and of course each one is supposedly the best on the market.

    would really appreciate all responses on what has worked for you so that i can pick a good one. It does need to be simple though as i am having a lot of trouble with brain fog :)

    thank you
  2. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    well, aside from the drastic diet change I have heard that threelac was a very good product.
    its a bunch of probiotics.. but as you know,, no sugar, no vinegar, no btreads, no alcohol etc etc etc
  3. Spacey

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    When I went to a naturalpath I was given Caprylic acid. Started out taking 1 capsul twice a day and increased 1capsul every week till up to three capsuls twice a day. Did this for about
    5 months.
    there is another product called Caproil that I have now, which I got at a healthfood store. Still have to eliminate the yeast products. Spacey
  4. sascha

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    when i was seeing holistic doctor for this condition, plus others, oregano oil was one thing recommended. i was told to vary anti-candida treatments. i know there are other things you can use- don't stay on one approach/item for long time, but rotate them. more effective that way.

    sounds like you have other things covered- Sascha *another thing i recommend that's good for the gut is fermented foods- kim chee, sauerkraut, pickles- just make sure they are brined and not made with vinegar. my IBS situation is GREATLY improved lately- not sure why, but i'm not having cramping, pain, etc. i'm in better shape with my innards-
  5. mbofov

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    Maps - this works really well and actually it is what they get caprylic acid from. Once someone gave me caprylic acid for yeast, it did not work that well, but when I tried virgin coconut oil, it started right away. It has antifungal and antiviral properties.

    You have to start to slow because you can have a major yeast die-off with it which can make you feel pretty sick. I recommend starting wtih the one tablespoon a day - it melts at 76 degrees, so if you put it in your mouth in a solid form, it will melt in your mouth. It's not very greasy, not like taking a tablespoon of butter. Or you can put it in a smoothie or spread it on toast, etc.

    Anyways, I'd start with 1 tablespoon a day for a few days, see how you do, and then go to 2, and maybe up to 3.

    When I used it about 5 years ago, I felt like cr*p for 11 days from herxing, very tired, I probably went too fast, but it really worked.

    You can buy it any health food store or on-line. The "virgin" part refers to how it's processed and is the best kind.


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