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    This DD and everything else is driving me crazy. Everytime I turn around there is something else wrong with me. My surgery on my arm is only three days old and yet I get more bad news. I was told my liver enzymes were high and the doctor had me wait two weeks to check it again. Well it only came down 1 number. So now they want me to wait 2 more weeks and test my blood again and if it is still high she wants me to see a specialist. This is the same doctor who has yet to get my thyroid under control for the past 8 months. My daughter is wanting me to go see the specialist now and not wait any longer. My daughter would also like to see me sue the doctor who did not tell me about my nerve lesion. She was in the room with me when he yelled at me that Fibromyalgia is a fancy name for depressed people and that I need a shrink. She very much resents him not telling me about the lesion and also how he treated me. I hate the thought of seeing another doctor. I am so tired of all this, when will I ever be well again. I just needed to vent.
    Thanks my friends. Take care.

    QUESTION: Do any of you know what would elevate liver enzymes. My medications have already been ruled out and I do not drink alcohol.[This Message was Edited on 08/07/2003]
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    A) See the specialist now (endochrinologist, I think). Hopefully, you don't have an HMO where you need a referral.

    B) Dump that doctor ASAP. If any doctor had spoken to me like that, especially what he said about FM, I would have walked out on him immediately!

    C) Check the doctor's list here and post a request for a doctor in your area. It may mean traveling - I'm going to have to go to Houston if my insurance covers the FM/CFS specialist there - but it would be worth it to deal with someone who will take you seriously. This doctor of yours is just money grubbing - do you give the blood in his office, paying an office visit every time? Any doctor you call, ask them up front, before making an appointment, what their attitude on FM is.

    D) I know how discouraged you feel with trying yet another doctor. Let your daughter do the seach, make the calls. I'm sure she's chomping at the bit!

    Good luck.

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    I know it's not always easy to change doctors, and it's scary not knowing if the next one will be any better, but this one sounds particularly repulsive and offensive!!
    It may take more energy than it's worth to sue, though.

    I hope they sort out if your liver is okay soon,
    love pam xx
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    So sorry your going thru this~ I'm not familiar with liver enzymes and having them elevated.I've heard of it alot before. Hope you get some answers soon. Hopefully others more knowledgable will share some thoughts on this. I know its been brought up here before,maybe do a search of previous posts?? Warm thoughts going your way!! :)

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    Sorry I did not post sooner. Not a great weekend. Arm hurting and itching badly. Can't use a hanger in this cast because I have a long cut with stitches. Driving me nuts.

    jadibeler - My daughter is so persistent. She called a liver specialist and there was a canceled appointment which they said I could have. She called me immediately and insisted I take this appointment. The appointment was for Friday 8-8-03, I was so supprised. I am never lucky enough to get an appointment that soon.

    averilpam - Yes, this Neuro is the worst doctor I have ever met. If I can find the energy, I may go to consultation with an attorney. I am sure my daughter will push, pull, or drag me there soon. LOL

    tandy - That is really sweet of you to be here for me. Great idea for me to do a search for previous post on liver enzymes.

    aquarose - No, I do not take Lipitor. However, I do take Synthroid for Hypothyroidism. I was never told that Synthroid would elevate my liver enzymes.

    fmqueen - No, I have not been tested for Hepatitis. I will be tested this Sat. for it.

    My appointment with this Liver Specialist went well. He told me that my enzymes were not at a level which would indicate liver disease. I felt good about that. However, he said that we need to get them down. According to him no test have been done on anyone with elevated ( mild to moderate ) enzymes as to how long they can stay elevated without causing problems for your liver. So, now he has ordered lots of bloodwork test to be done this Sat. My medications were ruled out by my other doctor but this Liver specialist tends to disagree. Don't you just hate it when one says tomatoe and the other says tamatoe. Trying my best to have a sense of humor. Trying my best to not let this DD and all the other problems get the best of me. Sometimes it is very, very hard. Thanks a bunch, and take care.

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