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    Hi, Girls:

    Well, it's Tuesday and I just finished my volunteer job at the library about a half hour ago. It's another rainy, cold day here in Michigan. I am so tired of this weather. April was so sunny and warm. It sounds like a repeat of last year's weather. I would like to get my gardens planted, but I am uncertain about it as we still have been having an occasional cool night. I do plan to get my flower boxes planted later this week when it stops raining. I've been working outside between rains the past several weeks.

    I am ALMOST done with staining the porch! I know it's taken me forever, but it really needed a lot of work and, of course, I have to pace myself and work between rains. Harry put all the screens back up. Now all I have to do is stain the inside of the screens, which isn't very much to do on each screen. I have two done and 11 more to go. And four of the screens are smaller. Then I need to get out the hose and wash the house siding on the porch and the cement floor. Then we can finally put the blinds back up and the furniture on the porch again.

    Harry is taking tomorrow off from work as he has a doctor's appt. Then he is taking me to th the Social Security office. We are taking my scooter. I have decided to get a paper application instead of doing my disability application online. This way I can work on it gradually at home. Although I do plan to devote quite a bit of time to it and get it done ASAP. I have written down my answers to the questions so it shouldn't take long. Yesterday I gathered up the final information that I need. I want to get this done so I can start the process ASAP. I recently read an article in our local newspaper that said that there are so many applications now that the wait for a decision on your claim can take as long as three years now! The article said that a lot of disabled people who were working have now decided to file disability claims since they couldn't find a job. I hope they don't think that of me. I really can't work. They mentioned a few states where the problem is especially bad and, of course, they mentioned Michigan. I just live in the wrong state.

    But I do have to remind myself that for the moment Harry's job is going well and he is making good money. And at least we don't have children to support. We have always been careful with our money.

    My cataract surgery will be June 9 and 14. Harry will take off June 14 to take me. I told him he didn't have to as his dad can take me for both surgeries. The surgery will be done at the hospital right in the town we live in and it's only 5 minutes away! How convenient is that! I can't wait until I don't have to wear glasses anymore! I decided to have the surgery earlier as my mother-in-law told me she had cataract surgery in the early '90's with the same doctor I have and she could see right away with no problems.

    Nancy: I couldn't believe all the bad luck you had with your trip and was surprised that your husband was afraid of flying with all the flying he has to do on his job! I am so glad that the trip turned around for you with your beautiful suite with such wonderful views of Paris! I'm glad that you were able to do a little sightseeing with your husband. Like you said, it's funny how things can change in an instant! I think I told you I have been to Paris about 20 yrs. ago.

    Terri: I am glad you are able to get your garden in. Too bad your soil is so rocky. We have sandy soil here, which is nice for me with the fibro in my hands and arms now. The only bad thing about sandy soil is that you have to water more. I hope to get my garden in in about a week. I don't want my plants getting too late of a start. I had that problem last year.

    Anne Theresa: I'm glad your doctor is trying to help you with your depression. Are you also seeing a counselor? That might be helpful, too.

    Welll, I need to run home for lunch, then off to the pool. The library is having an ice cream social tonight. It's a party to thank the library volunteers for everything we do.

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    Hello all,

    Thanks Ellen for starting the thread this week - much appreciated. I'm glad you're nearing the end of your staining project. It's been such a lot of hard work for you but it's always nice to enjoy and appreciate a job well done. A three-year wait for a decision on a disability claim is awful. Particularly when one considers that it's common to be turned down on the first attempt, necessitating an appeal that will add more time to the process.

    My own claim was rejected twice and the subsequent appeals added two years to the time-line. My best advice would be to include as much documentation that you can gather, every lab report, specialists notes, etc. In my final appeal, I even included letters from my employer and co-workers who witnessed the decline in my health and my declining ability to fulfill the responsibilities of a job that I was very good at, prior to becoming ill. Every little bit of paper helps.

    Thanks for the advice to see a counselor. Hopefully, I will continue to recover to the point that I'll be able to get out for counseling. I've had some in the past and found it to be helpful.

    Nancy, I knew it was an antidepressant that was responsible for a lot of your issues but I had forgotten that effexor was the culprit. In my case, so far, there's been no adverse side-effects and I believe a moderate benefit, though it's still too early to say for sure. I'm still on a low dose, and will not reach the therapeutic level for another week. Given the trouble you had, I'll surely keep a close eye on my reaction to the med. I know full well how dangerous these psychotropic medications can be (I wish I didn't have to take them but I do) and how they react differently with each person's chemistry. I, for example, had a horrific reaction to the anti-depressant paxil, yet I know a woman who claims that paxil saved her life and, was by far, the best anti-depressant she's ever tried.

    I look forward to reading the posts that follow, as more folks check in...

    To Do Today

    make 2 phone calls
    clean kitchen
    dust entertainment unit & dresser

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Came to read and check in. Thank you Ellen for starting the post. I have been very depressed and feel unable to add much. Just got home from the therapist and have some grieving to do.

    I just wanted to say hi and I care about you all.

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    Good Morning all,

    Molly I'm so sorry to hear you're having troubles again but I'm glad you stopped by to let us know how you're feeling. I sincerely hope things get better for you soon...we care about you too!!

    Ellen I'm so glad that you scheduled your surgeries and I'm glad it's close to your home. That makes things so much easier on you and you'll be glad when this is all over.

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad that you'll be watching for changes with this medication. I never, ever would have guessed that increasing the dosage would have caused so many medical problems for me and I never put the two together.

    Although it was 6 yrs ago for me when it all began, I remember thinking that the flare from hell was because we were so busy with my parents here and traveling etc....I blamed everything on something else and wasn't clear headed enough to think that one med had caused everything.

    We'll also be here to help you if things change drastically for you so that might help....

    We have had the most dreary, awful spring that I can ever remember here....temps are still in the 30's in the morning and rarely make it to 50 degrees for the highs.....foggy, no sun shining and it's beginning to wear on all of us.

    I haven't gotten much done this week....tired most days....and we still haven't heard anything about the new job my husband applied for. I'm beginning to think the reason they only posted the position for 5 days was because of the political promise made to someone else to have the position.

    Now with my husband who is completely the best person for the job applying, it may have thrown a wrench into the equation and messed things up for them.....

    I still spend a few hours each day house hunting online and trying to help do things that will make things easier if we find out he's been selected. But...life goes on so we're not ignoring the present and trying to start to live our lives not on edge every moment and moving on like nothing's happening.....life continues whether he gets this new job or not!

    Hugs all,

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    Hello all,

    Molly, thanks for checking in and letting us know how you feel. Grief can surely trigger depression. I care about you and hope you feel better soon.

    Nancy, I'm sorry to hear you're battling fatigue - no doubt the weather is contributing to that state of being. I usually feel tired and fatigued when the weather is dreary. I hope you hear soon about whether or not your husband will be offered the new job. Not knowing must be difficult.

    Good news: I heard from my eldest son (AGE 33) after a lengthy silence. His lack of contact he explained as a result of his experience with a severe depression. He told me he's found a good doctor, has started medication and is making some progress. God bless him. I thank the good Lord my son got in touch with me. I love him so much, not knowing what was going on has been very difficult for me. Amen.

    To Do List

    Shower & Shampoo
    Make manicure appointment
    go to pharmacy
    cut up fruit & veggies
    make pill dispensers

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
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    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa, that's wonderful that you finally heard from your son, but I'm so sorry that the delay was due to depressive issues. I can imagine how difficult this has been for you to go through. At least he's gotten medical help for this situation and hopefully will be feeling better soon....I hope so for both of you!

    I'm hoping that this is a huge weight off of your shoulders now that you no longer have to wonder.....

    Oddly enough, my son called yesterday too....not sure that's ever happened.

    We don't have much going on today, hopefully just another rest and relax type of day.

    Oh, and the sun actually shined yesterday!!!

    Hugs all,