What other resources would you like to see?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by James, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. James

    James Guest

    I am curious to see how these message boards and chat rooms are helping everyone?
    I also would like to know what other resources
    we can add to our websites to make them as valuable a tool as possible. Other message boards or chat room requests are also very welcome.
    Just let us know.

    Pro health, Inc Webmaster
  2. VinylVixen

    VinylVixen New Member

    Resources and a board on Migraines would be absolutely wonderful!!!
  3. Pam

    Pam New Member

    It would be great to have an topic for allergies.
  4. James

    James Guest

    Good idea.
    We will add allergies to the updated list
    of boards we are slated to roll out in the upcoming month.

  5. TracyV

    TracyV New Member

    There are many who just have chronic pain from an accindent or unexplained. That might help some people out.
  6. LBinCA

    LBinCA New Member

    Several of us are interested, please see CC Board in a "Recipe for Healthy Living Forum"...I am aware, I believe Jackie has sent you a request?, for this new much-needed Forum. I for one, have several conditions, most of which are UNCURABLE(so far:)), and we are looking to share healthful recipes and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

    I have IBS, FMS, CFIDS, OA, DDD, etc. My request for this started because I am having to change my life drastically to include a Gluten-Free Diet to combat possible Celiac Disease..and having a Colonsocopy soon to determine of the Cysts/Polyps they have found are pre-cancerous..I have lost 80 lbs., have severe diarhhea for 2 yrs. etc....Now, I know you could probably care less of these things...But I suppose I am trying to plead the case :)

    All of the Boards can benefit: Care-Giver's, FMS/CFIDS, Depression, Lupus, Arthritis, Chronic Pain..each one....

    Okay, I hope my pleading on bending knees (that hurt) will help you make a decision...Please let us know..we really appreciate your consideration!

    p.s. Low Fta and Low Calorie Diets are essential as well, some of us gain weight on the meds. we have to take, great with the supplements from the site!

    Thanks and with Respect, LoriB
  7. Jaimy

    Jaimy New Member

    food allergies and recipes for healthy living....(due to the fact that a lot of patients with these illnesses do suffer from numerous allergies, intolerances....) Jackie already forwarded you my email, though on the latter....incorporating a forum for allergies (Candida, mold, etc) would be a great idea!!...thanks so much for your input and hard work, James...

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  8. James

    James Guest

    We are looking to add more forums and this sounds pretty good. I will look to add it with the launch of a few other new boards.
  9. LBinCA

    LBinCA New Member

    I was looking at stats on different Boards, and the questions/references/posts made to Diet and Nutrition are ASTOUNDING....We are so excited to see a Board where we can share stuff like this, frankly, Im want to see the medical stuff and etc. on their particular Boards as they are...BUT they are being overwhelmed, with what could be cross-over information for ALL of us...I have Candidida, Diabetes, Depression-Relieving Questions about Nutrition...and that would be so awesome...A One-Stop Shop strictly for this kind of information!

    Great Job to James and Rob....we look forward to it!

    Big Hugs...LoriB

    p.s. Thanks for your support, Jaimy!
  10. stargazer

    stargazer New Member

    how about one, sorry guys, for endometriosis or a general gyno/reproductive board. And I agree with the nutrition replies, but not a specific one. One that would allow for all types of nutritional info amd tips.
  11. MissM

    MissM New Member

    Hi James,

    I have a friend who would really benefit from a message board where people with Crohn's share experiences and the different methods of treatments.

  12. tinker-belle

    tinker-belle New Member

    1. parenting
    2. therapy
    3. loss/grief
    4. pregnancy
    5. social phobia
    6. eating disorders
  13. deblouwhit

    deblouwhit New Member

    Hi, hey sorry to hear about your pain. I wish Dr.'s would find something better than pain killers,like the reason we get pain.And go from there. It's my back that majorly hurts me. I try to walk and keep active without painkillers and pray it will go away. I'm afraid if I don't keep moving, I won't be able to move, and I won't do for that!Good Luck, try to keep active!
  14. James

    James Guest

    Hello all,
    To respond to you Shazz, we are looking at adding a diet and nutrition forum. That is big on our list as we just created <a href="http://www.WeightLossResource.com">www.WeightLossResource.com</a>
  15. teranan

    teranan New Member

    There has recently been people banned from the Fibro board.A lot of people have personal issues that are a result of chronic pain in their lives.Relationships are breaking up,families are split,and just everyday living with a pain.This is too big an issue to be generalized into the Chit Chat forum. These people have need of a close knit responce from a group of personal friends they have made through posting.I personally have no support group where I live, and there have to be others like me. I came to the FM board thinking it was a support group.There is no support where you can't talk about what your feeling and going through.Sujay a Dr on the FM board agrees. AC77 had posted about loving yourself and got a lot of responces,also a Dr. When you post feelings like this in between a cat story and another that loves there horses its not good. Chit Chat is a good forum but people with FM CFS need a forum where they can vent,seek compassion and feel comfortable doing so. Before you make any decisions on new forums would you ask the people on the FM forum their opinion on this? Thank you James -----Terry
  16. Meowoink

    Meowoink New Member

    ...board would be a good one also.
  17. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Having MCS, food intolerances, reactions to drugs, can complicate any chronic health problem. It's often the sufferers themselves who can provide the best solutions and ideas. Shared ideas, knowlegde and being told where to research for relevant info, means everyone benefits.

    I've learnt and gained so much from using the CFS/FM board, I'd like to be able to do the same with one set up for allergies.


  18. WolfSong

    WolfSong New Member

    Hello James and Everyone:
    I have not posted often, I spend most of my time just reading and in the chatrooms talking but I wanted to reply to this message. I have been asked several times why we do not have a "General Mental Health" chatroom or message board for people who don't suffer from Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, PTSD and/or Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, you get the idea lol. I know that some of these disorders seem to go hand in hand with chronic illness or depression and that we my touch on these topics while discussing our illness in another room but I agree that it might be nice to have a forum just to discuss these issues. Anyway, just thought I'd pass on this idea because I thought it should be brought to your attention. I do however see some issues that might arise with this type of chatroom such as the moderators not being trained in dealing with people who might have some of the issues and behavior associated with some mental health disorders but perhaps a message board?

    I also like the idea of a "Nutritional and Reciepe" forum and that would go along great with this site! Gotta love the store on this site and all it's awsome products for natural ways to heal. I for one would love to share my reciepe for Spinach Dip and Fried Green Tomatoes (although I'm not sure how healthy they are!" lol

    Well, just wanted to put my 2 cents in!