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    IM TAKING ultra 800mg a day not much relief have taken soma doesn't last long enough I just want something that will last all day soo I don't have to count down the Hrs that the pain will be returning . I have found Doc to be a pain in the ^%*&^%$ when it comes to pain med. I have researched opiods and they are the closes thing to nature I can find and they work by stopping the feeling of pain in the brain, Why do docs have such a hard time giving these drugs to FMS patients who are in chronic pain I DON'T GET IT!!!!
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    Doctors do not understand this. My father, dieing of cancer in every part of his body was taken off morphine the last three months of his life. They said that they did not want him to be addicted???? People take these type of drugs to get high, there is no question. To a person that is taking them for pain there is no high involved but there is releif. Does anyone know why this is?
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    First of all, Butterfly, since this is your post I want to first say that I wouldn't dare suggest what pain med you s hould take. So many people have hightened sensitivity to any type of pain med. That is definitely something to discuss with your doctor.

    I also wanted to address hdrider77's question about pain meds. I posted this a while ago but can't find it so I'll say again that my doctor sent me a copy of an excellent article that addresses the differences between pain med for pain patients vs. drug addicts.

    I cannot print the entire article here, but you can google it http://www.ppmjournal.com/abstract.asp?articleid=P0305F03. I hope it's ok for me to list this website. The title of the article is "Distinguishing Intractable Pain Patients from Drug Addicts" by Joel S. Hochman, MD. The article apppeared in the Practical Pain Management magazine. You can order the back issue that contained this article by going to the website.

    It certainly is worth having.


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