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    HI, my friends.
    I am curiouse about what type of pain meds are taken here.
    I know some are for different reasons ie; injurys, fms, cfs, dd,autrh, h/a. etc
    I have fms, cfs, c4-5-6 herniated disc fusion w/ plate in may owwee... still hurts as if no surgery was done??? see surgerion 1 week ask why.

    ive been on norco, phentynal patch 25,50. 75, 100., avinza(24 time release morph)now dilaited. with fms meds, sleep meds. klonapin etc.

    right now im on
    1.avinza- pain 120mg
    2.dilaited-pain just started 4mg
    3.norco- wont take if # 2 is better 10mg
    4.klonapin 1mg
    5.25mg fentynal patch
    5.quinine sulfate fms
    6.requip fms 0.25mg stronger had icky reaction
    7.roxerum sleep
    8.ambiem cr sleep
    9.soma mus,relx just started
    10.methacarbmal mus,relx wont take if # 9 is better
    11.cymbaltal pain- depression, anxiety have to take w/food makes me shakey yuky.

    I feel bad with taken all these meds but Dr. says and body i need them to even move, sleep, think (sometimes) suprised i rememberd all this,,, memory alzheimer what if ha not good just fms and meds

    does anyone take any of these meds do u have any suggestions on what u take that may help or eliminate some of mine..

    i have a daily med log to mark each time i take a med SO MANY to remember! just hard to tote em around gosh what if i end up some where w/o my meds.. BAD PAIN n REACTIONS so i refill 2-3 days in purse gaurd with my life..wouldnt want any one to get ahold on these, also locked in safe at home..
    is a good thing never no people like to take stuff even if it cuold be harmful, they may not know..

    ok just venting just felt like so many meds i was a disaster am i the only one??? i should take hormones too ((hysterectomy @25yrs old) but dont
    any good vitamins besides womans 1 a day type? I do have to take 1000 of calcium too.

    well hope all is good with my friends havent post in awhile in hospital few days and dr appt.. court today for supports yya me...:)

    hope every one has a lil pain free day
    oh does any one go to the "live chat area"?? tried once and i was the only 1 there ha ha no conversation happen with me....he he if so id like to no and chat with ya all, im, email, would be great and uplifting to our spirits to talk and get emails from us wonderful people with these wonderful pains :)

    so ttfn
    your friend anytime
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    It took awhile but I am now on a group of meds that seem to be very good for me and are making my life bearable.

    Lyrica - 100mg x3/day (nerve pain and more)
    Naproxen - 500mg x2/day (analgesic/anti-inflammatory)
    Prozac - 40mg x1/day (anti-depressant)
    Protonix - 40mg x1/day (GERD Treatment)
    Metoclopramide - 10mg as needed up to x3/day (for digestive)
    Lisinopril - 10mg x1/day (High Blood Pressure)
    Dimenhydrinate - as needed (anti-nauseant)
    Vicodin - 7.5mg/500mg as needed up to 4 a day (narcotic)
    Percocet - 5mg/325mg as needed up to 4 a day (narcotic)
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    Everyone has different pain levels and different levels of pain tolerance therefor require different medications.

    I recently started taking Darvocet N-100 -- this is the first pain medication I have ever been prescribed for FMS and it does help me.

    I have taken Vicodin daily for chronic Migraines several years ago -- for over two years and had no problem quiting in one day with no adverse reaction.

    I was in remission from FMS at that time. I was diagnosed with FMS in 1998.

    My daily Rx and supplements include:

    Estradiol -- 2 mg q.d.

    Topamax -- 50 mg b.i.d.

    Darvocet N100 -- p.r.n. 1-2 q. 4-6h. (if working I take 1 p.r.n. when not working I will take 2 p.r.n. if pain requires)

    Lexapro -- 10 mg q.d.

    Levoxyl -- 50 mcg q.d.

    Fish Oil -- 1000 mg t.i.d.

    Magnesium - 500 mg q.d.

    Daily multivitamin -- 1 q.d.

    Selenium -- 400 mg q.d.

    Vitamin C -- 250 mg q.d.

    B-12 injection -- 1 cc every three weeks p.r.n.
    (if I am in a flare I will do three daily injections in a row which seems to help)

    I had a hysterectomy when I was 37-years-old find that HRT really helps me but everyone is different.

    I definitely take more medications than I would like but these seem to work pretty well for me at the moment.

    I hope everything works out for you best of luck with doctor appointments and court.

    I go to Chat every now and again but I haven't been there in quite a while. It is usually pretty fun -- sorry no one was there when you were I hope you have better luck next time -- it used to stay pretty busy.

    Take care,

    Karen :)

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    Thank you for all your response's and med's included.
    It's a personal thing I know but feel safe discussing with friends here,,

    Most all meds are some what the same but different catagorym, and what works for some may not work for others,,

    I really dont like on ER visits,, friends,, family explaining meds, doses, strength, why need it., etc,,

    they look at you (ME) like im a presc.. drug abuser.. NO Pain Manag,, surgeon all prescribed for me and if didnt have some or most probably ___seizure coma death ____ sounds auful but in EMS field seen a dozen times NOT good,, tried tapering off certain meds and couldnt even touch my skin... NOT GOOD.. so back on em i went..ha ha

    who goes to chat rooms/which ones sound like it'd be fun/interesting? Let me know/ if can Please,


    Most of us do,,,,, ONE day, hour at a time, always here to talk

    thank you all wants again for responding its 130 am CA. cant sleep again, and have been on line for a while
    reading post But my meds are making my eye sight very bad 'what next' haha

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