what part of extreme pain and exhaustion do they not understand?

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    I have Fibro, feel i've had it for years but just diagnosed. I also have severe scoliosis. assumed that that was what the pain was about. I no longer have the option of taking pain med anymore. I am chemicly sensitive and meds just confuse me and wipe me out. I have finally started going to dr. appointments that I have put off. But by the grace of God have I not killed myself or others on the road. My back kills me from driving. I try to relay the pain and fatigue (and confusion) to others. I swear that it is like speaking a foreing language!!!! Oh I,m sorry that you feel bad-do you feel like going to walmart tonight? Oh I,m sorry can you watch my child this week-end? ect. ect. I do not like to whine. I,m tired of hearing my own self talk about Fibro. I am by nature a very active person and it frustrates me that I don,t feel like doing the things that I used to do. I am so tired of lying flat on my back on a heating pad. What words do I have to use to get the message across? I feel guilty enough as it is.
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    there are some pamphlets available on the site.If a friend is close enough they will listen when you have the words to explain.Those that aren't close will probably drop off it's sad to say.Try to educate them.Give them a website to checkout or print some papers.I don't get out much either,but there is a life with fibro.Linda