What Pharmacist said about cysts/Acne

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AC77, Apr 29, 2003.

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    I have seen a lot of people posting about getting cysts and acne and cystic acne! Well, I have a minor problem with it to and take all the conventional stuff for it: Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicyclic Acid in the AM and Retin-A Micro at night. With the warm weather upon us, so are acne break out, pimples and black-head, along with enlarged pores.

    I am getting decent relief but am sick of applying all this junk to my skin. I had to pick up something at Walgreens today and decicded to ask the pharmacist what she knew about the trend on what area docs are giving for these problems. I was shocked to hear her say that her doctor told her to use APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, diluted in 50% water!
    She then said to apply my retin-a over it.

    I thought, how inexpensive, simple and what a lack of side effects, if it works. So I tried it. I don't know how it's going to work but what's there to lose. If anyone knows anything about this or intends to give it a try, please, give me some feed back... So far all I feel is a pleasent tingling from it. Wishes.........
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    Has your doctor ruled out Polycistic Ovary Syndrome?

    My daughter had this, she always had spots break out for no reason on her face. It`s a hormone problem and solution is taking the pill.

    Love Pat.
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    Do you think this might be effective without the retin-a? Last time I asked for help about this (and I've pretty much given up the topic) I was told, sorry .. nothing else we can do. I know I should've pushed, but it's been a bottom of the barrell symptom.

    Also, did she say why Apple in particular, or if any other vinegar would work? Looking forward to other people's comments on this. :)
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    It is impossible for me to get that disease, as I am a male! LOL.

    I guess you could try the vinegar before application of any medication on the face. It's acidic so I dont see it interacting with anything, ie: alpha and beta hydroxy acids, retin-a, etc.... I don't know why apple cider vinegar is used. Maybe because it has certain qualities that enhance it, such as anitmicrobial effect? You can try it alone, I guess it, see how it works.