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  1. krje01

    krje01 New Member

    I'm suffering from severe fibromyalgia & would appeciate names of prescription medications that are NOT narcotics that help give pain relief. Also, is there any doctors that specialize in fibromyalgia living in area code 570 or zip code 18407 that treats patients who have severe cases of fibromyalgia .I'm a 46 year old male suffering terrible & going through very depressing times. Help appreciated anyone .I live in the Scranton,Pa. area(northeastern, Pa.)
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    For FM I use Lyrica, Naproxen, and Prozac that aren't narcotics.

  3. mje

    mje New Member

    My diagnosis for FMS was in 1985. The rheumatologist
    prescribed Flexeril, which is really a muscle relaxant.
    He told me its matabolism is similar to Elavil. I had very tight muscles in the lower back, and after 4-5 weeks
    the worst of the pain left. Just to let you know. It
    is taken at bedtime, and should help the patient to get into Stage 4 sleep... which is when your muscles repair themselves. I am still using this med in 2007. The other
    presceiption is Prozac. I started this in Sept. 1997..
    (Rough summer as my husband fractured hia heal, and so I had more things requiring my attention.) After about 3 weeks my spirits and mood were definitely better. Last year I tried to switch off and tried Sam-E...but I experienced more overall pain, so went back to Prozac. If you have not looked into/at a book by Dr. Teitelbaum ..his latest is Pain Free 1-2-3, It has good info on many meds and supplements. Hope this helps. Good Luck. MJE
  4. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Ultram really helps - I usually take Tylenol with it.

  5. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member


    The opiate painkillers are the most effective for me, oxycodone ER, 10mgs taken twice a day.

    Why do you only want to know about non-narcotics?
    Just curious.
  6. u34rb

    u34rb New Member


    Have you considered the guaifenisen protocol? It's not prescription only, but it could help.
  7. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    that are supposed to work for neuropathic pain...Neurontin, Lyrica, Cymbalta.
  8. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Ulram is wonderful and can take away much of the pain.

    Just a suggestion with a hope you will feel better soon.

  9. robeybeth

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    Please try same. It is safe and helps relieve depression and pain. It is widely used in Europe. My doctor who does not prescibe any narcotics thinks this is a wonderful product. Please, please read about it on the internet. Vitacost is a great site for discount prices and has useful information. Good Luck.
  10. Cakedec

    Cakedec New Member

    I take celebrex, which is a NSAID and does not bother your stomach like ibuprofen or aspirin. It helps my joint and muscle pains. It is also easier to get your dr. to prescribe it than narcotics. Is your dr. unwilling to prescribe narcotics like mine are?

    For bad spasms, I take aleve or 800 mg ibuprofen (which you can also get on prescription).

    As mentioned, your pain will worsen if you are not getting a good night sleep. Get your sleep regulated and it will improve.
  11. Mwitherite

    Mwitherite New Member

    I bmped this b/c I want to know more too. I take Ultram (tramadol) but it doen't help the chronic headaches. Any advice? I heard about grapeseed extract, ment to get some yesterday at the store, fogged and forgot. Any other non- narcs tho'?
  12. HurtsToMove

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    I live about 2 hours from Scranton and I know of a pain group in the Chester County area. I haven't been to them myself, but they were recommended to me by my PCP. Is that too far for you to travel? You'd have to go down the NE extension (476) all the way.
  13. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I take:

    Neurotin in the AM and PM
    Cymbalta, 30 mg in the AM and PM
    Zanaflex at night only

    I have also had a sleep study and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, and now sleep with a CPAP machine and oxygen. A lot of fibro suffers have sleep apnea!

    More hours of QUALITY sleep will improve your pain!!

    Lyrica is similar to Neurotin, but newer out on the market.

    Ultram is a NON-NARCOTIC pain med and is supposed to really help fibro. If you need additional relief, it is safe to take 600 mg Motrin (ibuprofen) along with it.

    A heating pad is my best friend, as is long steaming HOT showers to help relax my muscles. Then use lotion to moisturize your sign after all the hot water drying it out!

    If you have access to a deep water pool, warm water walking in the pool or taking the arhtritis warm water aerobic classes really help!!


  14. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member


    Can you tell me the name of the doctors in Chester County Area?

    Thank you!
  15. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    Sorry it took so long to respond, I had to find the name and number. The place is called "Delaware Valley Pain Management Center". If you google that you'll find their website. They are actually in Bala Cynwyd, not Chester County. I was told to ask for Dr. Gouda (not sure of spelling, pronounced like the cheese). Their number is 610-949-7142.

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  16. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    I appreciate you getting the name of the doctor for me but that is my doctor.
  17. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Tramadol is fairly new, and is not a narcotic.

    Works for some, but not for all.


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