what r the things that bother you most about your job?

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  1. doxygirl

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    or for those that stay home what bothers you the most about staying home............

    I realize that everyone here is different, some of us "can" work and some of us "cannot"......for those that do work,............... I'd like to know what things bother you the most about your job and / or working conditions?

    For me the thing that bothers me the most is dealing with bosses that have too much baggage and take it out on their employee's!

    I also struggle with other employees that come to work to cause trouble " stir the post" so to say! :)

    I guess another way of describing it would be that people with "power" (or that are in a position authority ) most often abuse others ( employee's ) just because they can....so if their life is not so good...........they can and will treat you as a reflection of just that!

    Thanks for your input!


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  2. revlcb

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    Stress, stress and more stress.
  3. Shalala

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    work would be the flourescent lighting

  4. suzetal

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    What bothers me about being home is not being able to do household duties.You would think with all the rest I get I could at least peel potatoes no way within 2 minutes my back goes into a very painful spasm.

    Laundry cant carry it.

    Vacuum can not push it.

    cook cant stand that long.

    What bothers me most about being home is I lost my career.And lost control of my home.

  5. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    How do the lights effect you?
  6. MsOnlyMe123

    MsOnlyMe123 New Member

    You took the words right out of my mouth. We could be twins. (ha! ha!) Exact same situation!

  7. HRgirl

    HRgirl New Member

    I always have to have something to wrap my mind around as much as possible; otherwise, I crash. Point Being, my first two weeks here were boring. I actually fell asleep sitting up at my desk snoring. My boss stoood in front of me for 10 minutes and I didn't budge. I had to tell her I have narcolepsy (the only diagnosis someone would give, but they think CFS and FMS) It was embarrassing.
  8. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I am extremely light sensitive ... i get migraines
  9. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I'm very fortunate in that I don't have anyone who directly supervises me.

    But we have a tiny staff, and I have a huge amount of responsibility and stress sometimes.

    Legislators passing election laws that have no practical knowledge about holding elections is a particular thorn in my side now.

    Everytime a law changes there are enormous trickle down effects, changes in procedure, equipment, training workers, etc.

    I supervise elections.

    The stress is the worst thing. Plus it hurts to sit, or stand for very long; the discs and facet joints in my lower back are degenerating and I have arthritis as well as the fibro.

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  10. fibrogoddess

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    What bothers me the most besides some the "ladies" and thats putting it nicely, is the lighting hurts my eyes and gives me headaches and the physical aspect. Some of those women are the meanest most vindictive people Ive met in my life!!! I went to HR about it and wanted to know if was there anywhere else in the plant I could go? He said why? I told him some of those women are the meanest most vindictive people Ive met in my life. His reply....AHHH! Thats it! Didnt ask, what are the problems, who, can you give me axample, nothing..just..aahhh!! Thats because he knows, heck everyone in the plant knows about those women in that department. Basically Id have to switch to another shift to get out of there. I feel that is not right, why should I be punished because of the way they act? Im this close<..> to going to corporate (which happens to be in the same building) and telling them it is creating a hostile work force. Ill bet something gets done then! So thats my gripe about work..lol
  11. raspberrykisses

    raspberrykisses New Member

    We get along great and work real well together but let me tell you when I the pain got so bad for me before I was dignosed my work started slowing down. Now we had worked together for close to a year when this happened. She knew I was suffering from pain everyday and that my Dr was running all sorts of tests trying to figure out what was wrong with me but instead of talking to me about my work slowing down she went to management and I got a verbal coaching. How freaking wrong is that? No warning or nothing. I ended up a few weeks later taking a month of medical leave because I was worried about loosing my job over her. Now I could see about getting put into a different possition but the only one that I know of that wouldn't cause me pain is going to be a cut in pay. Now I stress over wether I'm fast enough or not.
  12. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    let's face it ... people are a trip. Too bad they won't take a long trip on their brooms.

    Artificial lighting is soooooooo bad :-(
  13. lbuchanan3

    lbuchanan3 New Member

    I've not been working now for three years and am waiting for a disability hearing but I will answer from when I was working.

    1. Lights giving me headaches

    2. Stooping to floor to pick up things giving me exteamly painful cramps in legs, abdoman, thighs

    3. Pain in legs when sitting too long

    4. Pain and numbness in hands from typing or writing for extended periods

    5. Numbness in legs when standing and pain in lower back when on my feet more than 10 minutes

    6. Balance problems resulted in a fall and torn ligament in 2001

    7. Being out of work for tests, laprascopic of ovaries and a heart cath, both of which resulted in me having to put in for FMLA in case of hysterectomy or open heart surgery. Only to not have a confirmed diagnosis after the test.

    8. Having pain issues from nerve damage after the heart cath and getting no support from my boss for help with work.

    9. Expressing over and over again to boss that I was physically ill and needed help with unpacking boxes of books, needed a foot rest, needed a key to elevator etc. and him not responding to my requests.

    10 Having my doctor write restrictions requiring me to lift no more than 20 lbs, yet still required on the job to unpack boxes of books that wieghed 50-70 lbs each with no accommadation from my employer.

    11 Slowing down at work because I just could not do what I always had done in the past

    But the kicker to all of that was that they could not come up with a reason to let me go because despite my declining health I was still the most accurate buyer in my store and my department consistently had the least amount of loss in every inventory. So my boss simply wrote out my job and called it a downsize, 'nothing personal just business" was his exact quote and "it is just a national trend that University Bookstores no longer carry Trade book titles", well to date they still carry the trade books they just made it part of another buyers duties. This after 14 years of busting my butt litterally.

    It has taken me two years to get all of the problems diagnosed and to find out that I have arthritis throughout my back and disc compressions in my neck with nerve damage to my arms and hands, severe carpal tunnel in both hands and a herniated disc in my spine as well as diabetes and fibromyalgia. All of which were discovered after I loss my job. My Pain doctor said that it was the 14 years of repetitive lifting and keyboarding that caused most of my injuries and pain and that were I still employeed he would have me out on workmans comp for my injuries. I guess it was nothing personal, but the boss found a way not to have to pay my work disability, he knew I was sick when he laid me off. So I have lost my retirement and am in debt while struggling to make ends meet and trying to get federal disability when I should be getting workman's comp and company disability if the world were just, but it is a nothing personal just business world in the work force these days.

    That is what bothers me most about work, the lack of loyalty from companies, when they expect it from their employees. They also only gave me a 6 day notice, everyone who just quit they begged them to stay or give notice for months before they left so that training could be done.

    I have heard through the grapevine though that the losses that store has been having since I left have gone up 300%, nobody else knew how to fix the problems in the computer system when sales did not go through the Point of Sale system easily, or inventory was miscounted to the wrong department-so I feel somewhat vindicated.

    The thing that makes me even more angry is that I have had two attorneys tell me since then that I could have won a case of wrongful termination if I had filed a complaint within 6 months of being laid off, if for no other reason than that they did not give me adequate notice or in place of notice a severance pay. They also told me that I probably could have made it a class action lawsuit because they had done that with a cashier that had been there for 30 years and suffered a mild stroke which left her slower, and to an employee that had been there for 20 years and was 60 when they wrote her job out from under her, and another employee that had sleep apnea but had never fallen asleep on the job so they changed his job description and let him go because he no longer had the educational background required for the job. There were at least 7 employees that had had this happen to them in the 14 years I was there.

    Linda B

  14. stampfreak

    stampfreak New Member

    Here's my list of gripes:

    1) Having to work. Not being able to "PROVE" that I am disabled to get benefits when everyone who knows me can see it clearly. Waiting for my husband to get promoted so I can quit.
    2) Having to spend 1-2 days weekend in bed just to recover from the week.
    3) Stress...stress....stress.
    4) Well-meaning but uneducated folks that say, "try exercising" or "take vitamins."

    Okay, I'm a "glass half full" type of gall, so I have to include: What I LOVE about my job

    1) Feeling like I have a purpose.
    2) Being needed.
    3) Being able to socialize daily with co-workers and clients.
    4) Being able to make my mortgage payments.