What "real diseases" were once viewed as a mental illness?

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  1. tgeewiz

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    Those of us with either CFIDS and/or Fibro have to continually explain to people that we are not merely depressed or have a mental illness.

    I know that some diseases such as MS, Lupus and Addison’s were discovered in their present form in the 1800s. But, no one would argue that they did not exist before this.

    So, has anyone come across articles about diseases that were once thought to be a mental illness until more research was done and it was proven that it was a “real disease” and not a mental illness?



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  2. luigi21

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    Parkinsons and MS patients were often locked up in insane asylums.

  3. simpsons

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    stomach ulcers were recently found to be caused by bacteria it took many years to get this acceptd as it was thought to be down to stress

    people who had fits were also locked up, now it s not know to be mental

    thats two more good list to work on

  4. tgeewiz

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    Thank you all for your responses.

    I appreciate it.
  5. LittleBluestem

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    Diabetes was once considered a mental illness.