What should I do when my fibro flares?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by treelady, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. treelady

    treelady New Member

    I am just new to this chat thing, it's my first time.
    I have beeen "put upon" by fibroymalgia and "should upon" by my friends and family for 9 years in that time there have been several major flares (I am in one now) and I don't know what to do to help make it better. My meds don't help. My husband belives that more exercise will cure anything and my friends tell me that I am "thinking about it too much", that isn't helping me, it just makes things worse.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. achy

    achy New Member

    Many here can relate to your post. What others "think" doesn't matter. It's what you "know" that matters.

    During a flare it's improtant to give in to your body...give it what it needs. Rest, relax, rejuvinate. If you don't, it will just last longer.
    You may try and epsom salt bath.

    Mix 3 bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (yes, three)
    2 cups Epsom Salts or salts of your choice (I like Lavender)
    SOak 20 mins, and be ready to crawl into bed for at least and hour. The peroxide helps open your pores and the salts relax and soothe the muscle. IT WORKS.

    Give family/friends time to accept your illness. IT's taken you time hasn't it?? My story of family support.....
    My mother won't discuss it, she changes the subject

    My sis (my best friend) has been an RN for 30yrs. She is now w/hospice. When I told her about my FM diagnosis she said 1/2 her staff had it and were gettinng better w/accupuncture, etc.... A yr later I started pain mgt and taking narcotics. My sis & mother pitched a fit!!

    I was so hurt..figured if ANYBODY understood she would.
    Long story short....In January she started getting FM symptoms & found out her spine as ijuries from accident(but not as bad as mine). In April they told her "there was nothing they could do". She is now in pain mgt.....And she UNDERSTANDS!!

    Give your family some time, maybe take hubby to doc w/you so he can explain it to him. Buy a book on FM and leave it out so they can read it (Devin Starlandyl has a few great ones)

    I hope this helps....hang in there!

  3. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I've only been sick for 3-4 mos, and only been diagnosed for one, but so far, I've been constantly "flared up". I keep reading about ebbs and flows of this illness, but so far I just hurt all the time, terribly. Unable to work or do just about everything I did before (even passive pursuits like reading due to fuzziness and difficulty concentrating!). My husband is reeling from this whole thing, and he can be less than understanding, though he's really trying. I'm 30, we're newly married, and have a ton of physical and financial responsibilities. So what happens when one of us simply ceases to be able to function?! Chaos, is what happens! lol....My poor husband is really wonderful and amazing, but he actually referred to FM as a type of "mental illness" the other day...I would have probably slugged him I was so mad and hurt, but I was too dang tired to make the effort! And quite frankly, much of his attitude and terrible misconceptions came from taking him to see one of the rheumatologists with me. Guy was from the stoneage, lemme tell you.

    As for exercise, that seems to be the general understanding, but people need to differentiate different ideas of "exercise". Can you go do cardio salsa at the gym 3 times a week for an hour? I sure as all heck could NOT do that at all. But I am slowly starting to get a little better in terms of range of movement and fatigue doing about 3 15 min-30 min sessions of aquatic therapy with a physical therapist. Literally, this consists of me walking length of pool once (much easier than walking on land due to weightless feeling), and doing some minor stretches, and feels like I ran the new york marathon when I'm done, but it's helping.

    Anyway, good luck to you. Seems like we're dealing with a lot of the same misconceptions and attitudes...of course, we all are here. Today is my first day on the boards, and I feel better and less "alone" and scared to death than I have in months.

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