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    hi i hope i am posting in right place i have had fibro for seven yrs now i am 32 went from a full time waitress mother of two and going to nursing school. mine seemed to start right after i got fifths diaese pravo virus i am not sure that names but i got it from my childern and they got better since then i cant work have been denined ssd two times now guess i need to get lawyer. anyways i have a few questions. first one is for last 2 yrs doctor gave me lortab. now he stopped giving them to me because pharmacy thought i was taking to much. when i was only taking what was prescribed to me by him after call from them he canceled my refill and told me to use advil. now in two days i will be going through withdrawls and from what i have read online can be serious. they left me message saying take advil if you have any questions. So i am sure i dont have a doctor anymore and the sad part is i only did what doctor told me. now i am sure its on my chart as my fault so i wont be able to get pain relief and maybe not even another dr. sorry i am so upset i feel like a crimnal and i did nothing. my question is has anyone else had to stop lotab cold turkey if so any advice on what to expect.things you might have done to help any advice would be appreciated thanks
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    Sorry 2 hear what u r going through. I am not a doc. but i have ran out of pain med. before and it can be a little weary. If i can ask how many were u taking a day? When it happen to me i tried not to focus on it, kept busy. Maybe u could cut back on what u r taking now so it can slowly come out of your body until u can find another doc. I dont know why doctors do this i read about this on the board so many times. With me i found the hardest time was trying to fall asleep so i saved mines for the nightime. I am sure this will not stop another doc. from seeing u. I will b praying for u.
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    So sad...I know just how you feel - I even had a doctor do this with heart medicines. I think the docs are just freaked by prescribing pain meds.

    Anyway - the safest way to go off any medication is to taper or titrate the dose. If you have any left, try to determine the best way to go to zero with what's left - slooowly or as many days as possible. Maybe the doctor will give you a few so you can taper - if you explain that is important.

    Also, look into your closest teaching hospital to see if they have pain specialists. Maybe they can help.


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    I posted this a while ago.I hope it helps you.It is ridiculous that a doctor take away pain medication that helps you.Maybe you can email it to him or just bring it to him.If you mail IT mail it return receipt.That way you know that he got it.
    Good Luck.

    PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS 11/06/06 04:57 AM

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    II. Choice of Providers and Plans
    You have the right to a choice of health care providers that is sufficient to provide you with access to appropriate high-quality health care.

    III. Access to Emergency Services
    If you have sever pain, an injury, or sudden illness that convinces you that your health is in serious jeopardy, you have the right to receive screening and stabilization emergency services whenever and wherever needed, without prior authorization or financial penalty.

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    Oh this just burns me up to read about your Rx problems...if you read my 'I hate Walgreens' post you can see I am dealing with problems with them filling my pain meds also, NOT anywhere near what you are dealing with but making me feel like a drug seeker and like you say a criminal.

    I would suggest that you go to a different physician and tell them your story, they can get your medical records faxed to them so they can see that you were only following Dr's orders on your usage of the meds.

    Is there a Pain clinic in your area? That may be the way to go or a Rhumeatologist, since both are used to dealing with and mangaging pain issues with their patients.

    I work in the health care field and I realize that once in a while there are people who are only looking for a fix but the majority of peoples mentality now days is that everyone who is saying they are in pain are seeking meds and it just makes me see red. Even the nurses and others I work with comment about it constantly. That is why I do not share my disease with my coworkers because they just don't get it.

    I would like I said seek out a different physician in the next few days or the very least go to that same Dr so you can get something other than Advil sometimes the docs nurse decides these things on their own even though they aren't supposed to...check it out, don't suffer.