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    Do you think I should go to the Social Security Office to turn in my appeal forms? Do you think I should mail them in? Does it really matter? The last couple of pages are to be filled out by the person I guess you see at their office. However, they did send me a postage paid envelope to mail it. I cannot decide. It is a 50 minute drive there and my daughter who is expecting in 3 weeks will have to take me because I do not drive very far anymore.
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    I will give you my opinion but keep in mind, it is only an opinion. I twice dropped forms off because I was bumping into the deadline due date and the nearest office is only about 15 minutes away. I simply had to put envelope in box on guard's desk and did not have to tell anyone my name or anything. (You only need to tell name if you want a receipt and then you have to take a number and wait until all of the people ahead of you are processed. So, if you want receipt, get there before the Soc. Sec. office opens.)

    Since it is a 50 minute drive, I would avoid the drive. If there is a post office near you, fill out the forms for certified mail and return receipt requested. It is not expensive. When the Soc. Sec. office receives it, a card will be returned to the postal carrier and subsequently you will receive the card in the mail as evidence they received the envelop on a given date.

    Hope this helps.
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    and they were all received with no problem.


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    Thanks to both of you. I think I will mail it in and request a signature of receipt. Wish me luck on my appeal.
    Thanks again and take care.