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    I have FMS and would like to start on the Transfer Factor but do not know which ones would be the best ones to start with any ideas. Bobby
  2. bobbycat

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    I was studing it and I don't know for sure what types of virus I have but I also need it for the Immune sytem. I have chronic sinus problems and I checked it out and I decided to order the 540 and try it out. By reading some of the stuff here I will start out slow and in small dosages. I hope I am going down the right path. I just wonder if anyone has really gotten alot better from it. I can't tell by the board.
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    Hey, I too have chronic sinusitis. I went to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Atlanta (6 hours away) and they just gave me a special nose spray. You can't get it from a regular pharmacy, it came from a compounding pharmacy. I had never heard of those before. But, I guess that means it is specifically mixed for the person. Mine has in it, I will write it from the information sheet they gave me Mupirocin (antiboitic), Itraconazole (fungal infections), Triamcinolone (corticosetroid). I just got it, so I can't tell you if it works yet, but I read it helps lots of sinus suffers.
    I came to this board to find out about the Transfer Factor though, I can't find enough info, can you help??
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    There is not much info on Transfer Factors since the FDA issued warning letters to companies and web sites and actually closed one of the labs. The main one that supplied ProHealth.

    There is alot of info on this board and in the library there is some but, sad to say, it isn't easy.

    I will bump up the info that is here about Mikie and me and what is in the two TFs...#2 and #9.

    And we will try to answer any questions.

    The TF 540 is no longer available since it was manufactured by the lab that was closed.

    This is the same thing the FDA is trying to do to bioidential hormones.

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    Because they want us to stay sick, they don't want us to have anything that helps! They make too much money off of us going to doctors, and getting medicines, and feeling like we have to have insurance. The take good things away from us and let the food companies feed us crap that makes us sick. Sorry, I am venting and I know I sound like crazy rightwinger, but I do beleive that someone out there does not want us to get better!!!