What Size Is Your Life?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I know this question sounds a bit strange but I'll try to explain how I come to ask it. After years of high stress and dealing with my illnesses, it seems, of late, things have just been working out better. It's as though I've passed from one phase of my life into a new stage. A lot of the things which were left for another day while I was so sick are, one after another, being resolved and cleaned up. I just feel lighter and happier. Out of the blue, I told my daughter that I think my newfound happiness is because my life is just the right size.

    For so many years, it was as though my life was larger than my ability to keep up with it. Now, I have more energy, not because I'm well but because I am better. It's also because I've learned to pace myself. The balance between my home life and working part time is good.

    If I were a well person, my life would likely be too small for me. I would want more. As it is, I'm happy with things just as they are and don't want anything more. For so many years, I wanted more energy so I could engage in life and not feel so overwhelmed by my obligations.

    There are a couple of things we can do to get a better balance. We can get rid of obligations which we cannot honor. We can ask for help or simply accept that we cannot do everything. Of course, we can do whatever is in our power to achieve some healing, but there is no guarantee of any healing with our strange illnesses. I am very fortunate and blessed that I have healed enough to be able to work part time. It hasn't been easy and it's taken nine years, but it's been worth the effort. During that time, I came to accept my limitations and tried to live within them.

    I think it is well worthwhile to evaluate one's life every now and then and get rid of old things and ideas which no longer "fit." Our lives are like our closets. They can be full of excess baggage and things which impede our ability to grow and enjoy life.

    Just a few thoughts which occured to me and decided to share.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I'd say I've ditched a lot of baggage in the last decade or so. My life has narrowed down to my family, my home, and a few (very few) select 'extracurricular' activities. A couple of years ago, I was working p.t. (25-30 hrs.) and was doing well at it. Unfortunately, the economic meltdown caused that job to disappear, although it is mine again if things improve.

    I believe I'm living at about the right pace, with some things (as the school year starts, or the holidays come, etc.) testing the boundaries. But on the most part, I'm happy.
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Your post makes so much sense.

    Im still struggling to keep up with most of my obligations..but on the
    other hand i dont hav people breathing down my neck all the time
    and go at my own pace.

    God Bless
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It makes me feel even happier to know you are all sizing your lives to fit your needs and y'all feel happy with life. No, our lives aren't perfect by any means, but I don't know anyone who does have a perfect life. I do believe in the old saying that, "It's not the hand you are dealt but how you play the cards which counts."

    I've posted here often about how I've learned so much from playing pool. When you think you have no alternatives, you walk around the table and pretty soon, you see at least a couple of shots, depending on your skill level. Worst case, you can play a safety. We always have more alternatives than we think we do.

    Thanks for your comments. Hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, my life may be just the right size but I, too, cannot say as much about my waist :) Thanks for the laugh and your kind words.

    Love, Mikie
  6. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    Thank you so much Mikie for your post. It really did touch me. I just wanted you to know that your insight made a difference in the way I have been thinking about things.
    thank you and God bless
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Your response really touched me. If anything I ever post is of help to others, the space I take up here on earth is not wasted. I really appreciate your letting me know it helped you. I have taken so much offtered by others here and applied it to my life, and my illnesses, and it has made all the difference. If it were not for this website, and our caring, generous members, I don't know how I would have made it through the last nine years.

    I am a true believer in the idea that things come to us when we are ready to receive them. I believe we make decisions in our hearts and, out of the blue, help arrives from all over the place in all kinds of forms. Sometimes, we have to be allert to even recognize them. Yesterday, Shirl sent me a spiritual and inspirational message just as I was sending her a prayer for healing I had received. I hope my prayer was as helpful to her as her spiritual message was to me.

    Again, thank you for your kindness. Sending gentle hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie

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