what specialists should we see? which have you seen?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shannonsparkles, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I was wondering which specialists I should ask to see to help with the DD? Which specialsts have been helpful to you? Thanks. (( ))
  2. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    I see a Rheumatologist (sp?) once a year or maybe twice, and my family doc for the smaller ups and downs. My family doc is great.

    But now that I have RSD too, I have started to see a physiatrist. I have only seen her one time so far. I am waiting to get a test done, then go back to see her again to get a treatment plan. She really impressed me. Physiatrists know about massage, physical therapy, accupuncture, all kinds of things. They know pain management, do trigger point injections too. I never knew about physiatrists until I got the RSD. She works with all sorts of people in pain.

    I don't know if many people her see one or not... but I did do a search on here for physiatrist and did come up with a few posts about them. If you do a seach on the web for it, you come up with the physiatrist's national site, and there is a LOT of info there.... and fibro is one of the things listed that they treat.

    good luck!

  3. elsa

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    Really matters as long as they are interested, knowledgeable and very current with the latest treatments and research. I thought you are an FFC patient .... Is that not going well?

    My docs: Primary care physician, integrated internist, Natural Health and a Sleep Specialist (who I haven't really seen in a while, but needed for the sleep disorder diagnosis/treatment).

    Hope this helps ................. Elsa
  4. darude

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    I've seen a Rhuemy, neuro and internist. I am now going to see an Endo because of the pituitary . Endo would be for you with Hasimotos. Deals with thyroid etc. will let you know IF I find a good one.