What supplements and essential oils are helpful?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsjethro, May 8, 2006.

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    I am at the beginning stages of trying different medicines to help control pain and have been having very negative reactions to a lot of the meds we have tried so far. I've been in severe pain for many years, but just recently diagnosed. Can anyone provide any feedback as to vitamins, supplements and maybe some essential oils or natural remedies that seem to help you? I've always had a interest in naturopathic remedies, have just purchased a rather extensive variety of pure essential oils and am thinking that maybe I should try this route and see if I can benefit from a natural type treatment. I also make my own dead sea bath salts to soak in which seem to help a little bit. I have fm, cfs, mp, chemical sensitivities, tmj, interstitial cystitis, have had a complete hysterectomy and am on hormone replacement injections, am still having a lot of trouble sleeping since trying the elavil that the doc had me try, and have gained about 25 pounds of weight over where I really need to be. Does anyone have any combinations that are currently working for or helping you cope with this and are you aware of any current interactions of any of the remedies with lorcet or flexeril? These are the only meds that I am currently taking other than the hormone injections.
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    Hello, I'm new here, but found your message and I think I can help. I have had fibro for about 4 yrs., not extremely bad, but bad enough. In the last 5 months I started buying products from this company that has non-toxic, chemical free cleaning products, bath & body, etc. In the last 2 months I started taking their vitamins and supplements. I have in the last month stopped taking my fibro meds. And I feel better than I have in 3 yrs. I, too, like to do things naturally, and don't like filling my body with medicine. I take a multi-vitamin and a supplement that has glucosimine in it for joint lubricating. I DO NOT sell anything. I just like helping people, especially those fellow fibro sufferers.
    You can email me if you would like more info.

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    One of the easiest and most helpful supplements you can take for Fibro is a balanced magnesium/calcium supplement.

    I learned about it here on the board and within a few days of taking it, I noticed my fibro fog lifting.

    But the best and most wonderful things about magnesium is that it helps to relax our muscles and I've been virtually pain free since I began taking it.

    I should clarify .... pain free in the muscles, I still and probably always will have joint pain and stiffness. But last year I wore Thermo Care pads and some days I wore many of them to help my muscle pain...back, neck, shoulders etc...

    Try it, it's cheap and easy too.

    Nancy B.
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    I just posted my list of vitamins and supplements along with a little of my story in a post under treatments titled My vitamin & supplement list that changed my life.

    You'll see from reading it that I am a believer in the natural treatments and I've been through both. Hope this helps and let us know your progress.
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    Sorry, I wasn't aware I couldn't put my email on. I'm new. Thanks for your help!
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    I have found out that vitamin supplements are not created equal, so I only take pharmaceutical grade supplements from a reputable company because they are guaranteed to have in them what they say.
    So my nutrition programs consists of glucosamine, proflavanol(antioxidant), mega-antioxidants, chelated minerals, omega-3 and calcium and I drink a low-glycemic nutrimeal shake every morning for breakfast. It really works well for me.

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