what supplements help with anxiety?

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm tapering off klonopin, .75 mg down from 1.5 mg on doctors recommendations. I want to continue with it as I am going on xyrem when I'm done tapering, but I am having withdrawal symptoms, the most unpleasant of which (besides the insomnia) is the feeling as if someone is sitting on my chest - physical manifestation of anxiety.

    I was hoping someone on here would know of some supplements that help with anxiety, or are calming in general.

    Thank you!
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    I have been trying to get off of Lorazepam.

    I was taking .5 mgs for about two weeks.

    Have not had any for one week now.

    You all know what I am going through.

    Is this valerian safe? Does it work?

    Also, regarding St. Johns Wort. Does this stuff work? Side effects?

    I read in "Miracle Cures" that the Germans use this alot. But I have also heard many bad things about this stuff. Which is it?
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    i can answer one of your questions. i have taken valerian in the past and it has made me very sleepy. i believe it is safe, as I have used it without side effects (although it can give you that "hangover" feeling.)

    but i have heard that it is NOT safe to take while on other benzos. if you are totally off the lorezapan it should be okay.
    i have heard mixed things about kava kava - that it is not really safe, especially when mixed with other sedatives.

    lisapetrison said she read that these combinations can lead to coma and sometimes death. (sorry to include things third hand but i thought this particular fact was important.

    good luck! i think i'm going to try the tea posted about above.

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    One theory with regard to why CFS sufferers get so hyper is because their bodies do not metabolize the folic acid and B12 that they get in their food very well. One option is to supplement, but with forms of these products that our bodies can use.

    If you follow this path, these would be two supplements to try:

    *FolaPro and/or IntrinsiB12/Folate

    *Sublingual or injectable B12 (preferably hydroxycobalmin, otherwise methylcobalmin)

    The folate supplements (listed first) can be purchased widely on the Internet, including on Amazon. Until you know how they work for you, just take a teeny tiny bit.

    Like, mash it up in a mortar and pestle (they're hard pills), and then take the smallest amount of the powder. Like 1/32 of a pill. Ordinary people can take dozens of these pills without incident, but CFS patients need to go slow.

    Injections of the B12 are better. If you don't want to inject or your doctor won't prescribe, try looking for a form of sublingual hydroxocobalmin called Perque B12 (available on some Internet sites). If necessary, use methylcobalmin.

    I've been using these two supplements recently and found them to be helpful in calming down the agitation that keeps me from sleeping. It hasn't been as useful as the human growth hormone or allowed me to stop taking Klonopin altogether, but it's helped.

    If you do give this a try, don't overdo the folate. Literally, just the tiniest crumb (you wouldn't believe it could do anything in a million years) is the right amount.

    Best, Lisa
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    are these the supplements that everyone is posting about for methylation? i don't think i have the word right. the process Rich vanK figured out?

    if so, do you think it would be too much to start a whole new detox process at the same time as AVs? and aren't there other supplements you're supposed to use in conjuction?

    thanks for any info.
    i'm feeling a bit better today.

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