What supplements/medications and dosages do you take that help?

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    I am interested in finding out not only what supplements and medications have really worked for others, but at what dosages. I know dosages vary from person to person, but sometimes it is so difficult to know where to start and what combinations to use. What do you take that has really helped relieve your symptoms? Thank you!
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    I'll ask you the same thing I just asked another poster on this same subject:
    Do you have CFS or FMS or both? Do you have a Mitral valve Prolapse? How old are you? If you are over 35, have you had any menopausal symptoms yet, like night sweats, or tachycardia? Do you have any other illness besides this?
    I looked up your profile to see if that would tell me so I could answer you, but it was not filled out.
    The answers to those questions make a great deal of difference in what supps. would be best.

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    I am 25 and have CFS for about 10 years. I also have hypothyroidism. I am currently taking Synthyroid, Zelnorm, Wellbutrin(100mg per day), Birth Control, Olive Leaf Extract(3 x per day), Enada (5 mg.), Garlic, Ginkgo, Calcium, Fish Oil, B-12. I would really like something for the extreme fatigue and heavy head feeling. The Wellbutrin has helped a little, but it has also made me a little depressed. I am also beginning to have some symptoms of FM because my joints ache horribly--however, I should note that I am coming off of prednisone. I was placed on 5mg per day 2 years ago and I am down to 1mg--that could explain some of the muscle soreness. I am just curious overall what has helped others at all ages and stages of the illness. Thank you so much!
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    FMS is my area of knowledge, but I know a bit about CFS. I hope some folks with CFS will come along and answer you also. It's slower on weekends, so you may want to post your question again tomorrow if you don't get enough info.
    It seems you are already taking some good stuff.
    First, I would add magnesium, preferrably the glycinate form (citrate is OK if you can't find glycinate),and preferrably at bedtime. Start slowly,and work up to 350 mgs. as your bowel tolerates. It's always a good idea to balance your calcium with Magnesium, and Mg is needed for your cells to produce ATP, which is their energy source.
    Secondly, make sure you are getting 2,000 mgs. of Calcium, preferrably the citrate form, which is much better absorbed. Hypothyroid persons are more prone to osteoporosis, and need higher levels of CA supplementation.
    Third, you may want to look into Whey Protein and Transfer factor. Both of these are used by CFSers to boost immunity and keep energy levels higher and more even. They are pretty pricey though.
    Also, a high protein/low carb diet helps keep energy levels higher.
    I'd like to see you get all the B vitamins, not just B12, and antioxidants as well (A,C,E). The E should be in the form of natural mixed tocepherals. Contrary to what some think, you do not need huge doses of C....you can't absorb more than 160 mgs.daily, and you may get diarreha, or aggravate acid reflux symptoms from too much of it. The Vit. A should be mostly mixed carotenoids, with no more than 10,000 units of actual vit. A per day. All of the B' sare needed for the huge stress of living with chronic illness, and B6 is esp. important for the neurological problems that we tend to see, esp. when we've been ill for as long as you and I have been.
    I find a really good quality multi-vit. can supply the above B's and antioxidants all in one place.
    Lastly, I'd like to see your digestive system become a powerhouse of nutritional absorption, since supps. are no good if you don't absorb them. Probiotics and digestive enzymes at every meal would be a good idea.
    In fact, if I only recommended one supp., it would be enzymes, combined with a good diet. Only raw food has it's enzymes intact. When we eat cooked food our body has to make the enzymes to digest it, and that takes loads of energy. As we get older we lose our enzyme making capacity also, but you don't have to worry about that part yet. Not only does taking enyzmes free up energy for other things, but some enzymes (papain, bromelain, and pancreatin) are anti-inflammatory as well.
    You are to be commended for trying to build yourself up to fight this beast!
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    For Depression
    Remeron 30mg
    Amytriptyline 50mg also helps me sleep

    Oxycontin 10mgx2 a day
    Robaxin 500mgx 2 a day
    Neurontin 100mgx 2 a day
    Lortab 7.5 for breakthrough pain
    Vioxx 25 mg for RA
    Probenecid 500mgx 2 a day for Gout
    Guaifenesin LA 600mg 4 a day(for congestion but I hear it suppose to help with the fibro too but I have not noticed)

    Multi vitamin 1 a day
    vitamin C 1 a day

    It took me a really long time to find the right combo for me. Its alot of trial and error. The doctor had me on so many different things in the past year or so its not funny.
    I had minmal pain relief with vicodin, percocet, lortab, flexiril, darvocet, skelaxen, tylenol 3. I also tried several NSAIDS but none were effective.

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    I have taken it but 100mg 3x per day is usually how it is prescriped. Ask do about uping the wellbutrin. It did give me tons of energy and I loved it but also insomnia which I can not tolerate.
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    Thank you so much for all of the detailed replies. It is so very thoughtful of you to take the time to help me. I really appreciate it! Thank you so much!