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    I hear about so many different supplements to take. What would be the best 2 or 3 supplements to take? I notice that everyone mentions so many different things to take and my stomach takes such a toll with alot of different meds or any pills.

    Also, what are the symptoms for Candida? I hear alot about it and am curious. I feel crapy so much of the time I can hardly stand it!!! I understand the typical dos and don'ts regarding eating right etc., but need to try something else. HELP!!!!

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    Honestly?? The first supplement I'd start taking would be the Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid that they sell here at Pro Health. It's amazing, unlike any multi I've ever taken and Hubby, daughter and I all felt a spark within the first few days we started it.

    We've also proven that doing without makes our health go downhill. We ran out for a short time in Dec...and it showed, quickly.

    After that, a balanced magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement for muscle pain works wonders.

    Although I do take more than these two supps, I think it's the best place to start.

    And although the Fibro Complete may look expensive if you look it up at the store here, it takes the place of many other individual supplements so it's really cost effective especially with the benefits it gives us.


    Nancy B
  3. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    Thanks for the input, I reallt appreciate it!!


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